Protests in the Netherlands against liberty destroying Wuhan Flu measures move to the next stage

This post will be updated as items are viewed and added. Thank you MissPiggy and C. and M. for sending in such amazing material. Whatever one may think of these events, the question we all should ask ourselves is, how far can we allow governments to push us before we fight back?

1. Covid Test Centre burned down

2. Another video of riots in Amsterdam and Eindhoven:
0:30 random escaped horse
1:16 man in bear(?) suit
11:06 supermarket looted
11:32 pavement broken up to use as projectiles

3. According to the mayor, the police was pelted with stones, traffic poles, golf balls, fireworks and even knives. About 1500 people participated in the protests, 100 arrested. Article in Dutch:

C. adds the following analysis:

PS Eindhoven is somehwat notorious for its soccer hooligans.who call themselves “the craziest”. I suspect the rioters are mostly from this demographic.

4. Minor (?) riot against the COVID curfew just broke out in the Hague, the Netherlands, in the mostly muslim area Schilderswijk. Arson, blocking traffic, police react with tear gas. Videos:

(The video above does work but you may have to click a few times or go to YT to see it)

5. Explosion (fuel tank?) at 0:30

6. Videos of the riots in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

7. Eindhoven train station vandalized with stones, arson of a railway company car, looting of a supermarket, etc:

The mayor spoke out and called this “simply criminal behaviour”.

8. General mayhem

9. Eindhoven




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12 Replies to “Protests in the Netherlands against liberty destroying Wuhan Flu measures move to the next stage”

  1. Thank you C!!

    Are the riots really indicative of general lockdown frustration by the people, or is this trouble driven mostly by hooligans?

    I don’t know what your lockdown is like, but I do know that where I live there is serious frustration and psychological heaviness being felt by many. Winter doesn’t help.

  2. Another day passes and the dictators of the world can sleep peacefully in their beds tonight safe in the knowledge that their people aren’t going to suddenly decide they want a democracy because they can see for themselves that democracy brings only chaos and violence and simply does not work as a political system. Flames in Holland, near civil-war in America with a disputed election… Nope! Democracy obviously doesn’t work so we’d all best just get used to totalitarianism, be it communist, fascist, or religious, at least it can function and isn’t always at cross-purposes with itself.

    But the Western World, in fact, is a very nice prosperous free compassionate place and there is absolutely no reason for us to be at each other’s throats and foaming with rage and hatred for each other. If you showed our world to someone from the 18th century they would say, “Who be these men who live like kings?” People back then had nothing. If your daughter’s shoes wore out you’d have a real financial problem on your hands. I think the West is being goaded into all this chaos and had yet to figure out that we’re in a real, live, actual war but we just don’t know it ’cause we get called “extreme right-wing” if we say anything.

    It’s not hard to start violence. Just tell a guy that the tough-looking bloke over there said his wife was a cheap slut and that he was a chicken-shit. Then go over to the guy and say the same thing about the first guy. Wham! It’s not hard to do…

    They do it to us by funding every destructive psychotic “special interest group” they can find and just sit back and watch the fireworks. Black Lives Matter and The Southern Poverty Law Center are just two examples of vicious ill-intentioned organizations that do the enemy’s job for it…

    It’s all a big lie, folks. Our Western World is pretty as an effing picture. Just look on Google Earth. The whole place is about 98% paradise with a few tiny poorer areas.
    We don’t have much to be mad about. Like, if Jesus looked at, say, Denmark, he’d probably say, “Not bad… Not too bad at all…”. And Britain is beautiful as heck and the USA is ridiculously wealthy…

    • …but then we went and created an emotional and financial Free Shit Army to express its neverending dissatisfaction with its own incredible prosperity because Daddy never slapped them.

      • That’s about right, I’d say. My generation had absolutely no reason to turn into a bunch of hippies and scorn “war” after our parents had just given so much in WWII a few short years earlier. Would the hippies have said, “Make love, not war” if the Nazis were rounding them up and putting them in death camps…?

        But you know what? I don’t think it’s “us” creating the “Free Shit Army”. I think the enemy has been busily buying the nut-cases off and funding their crazy little NGOs and super-PACs. China clearly wants to run the world and the way things are going they will in a few short years…

  3. The COVID lockdowns are so crazy that they’ve put many of us on here on the same side as “hooligans” in European Islamist ghettos.

  4. We are meant to be free… to determine our own course regarding health… without fear of coercion and threat.

    The ‘Vid has caused hundreds of millions to lay down significant civil liberties.

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