Tucker Carlson unwraps some of the horror that is already revealed by the new regime

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  1. A voice of sanity in the wilderness

    His satire is quite satisfying

    Never a huge Trump supporter like Hanity or Ingram
    Who are well worth watching for facts and opinion based
    On the facts

    Tucker is a conservative voice

  2. Remember way back when Dr. David Suzuki suggested that “denial” of the climate change narrative was so detrimental to life on earth that it constituted a crime and should be prosecuted as such? Well, now that Trump’s out of the way there’s nothing to stop them from moving forward in that direction and beginning the process of compiling lists and investigating all the extreme right-wing white supremacist Nazis like us until they find something they can charge us with.

    This is frightening. Joe Biden has just declared war on conservatives and labelled us all as bigots and Nazis. Soon, I think, to say that Muhammad married Aisha when she was only six or that the Vostock ice-core samples say the opposite of what Michael Mann says they say, will make me liable to criminal charges for “harming the planet” or something. Wouldn’t a $10,000 fine and a three-year internet ban just about snuff me out completely? It wouldn’t take much and nobody would care one little bit. I’d just disappear, choking on my gag…

  3. When I play this, an irritating sound keeps occurring (I do not mean Biden’s voice) – some kind of interference.

  4. https://www.revolver.news/2021/01/not-your-grandfathers-patriotic-military

    This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Conservative Military Anymore
    January 21, 2021

    With the inauguration of Joe Biden as nominal head of the Globalist American Regime, the Military-Industrial Complex is now firmly back in power. Their first order of business is a return to the “War on Terror” policies of the Bush-Obama years. Woke ideology dictates that Muslims can be longer be a target though. Instead, the Deep State regime will now turn its attention to normal, patriotic Americans. Obviously a military that was itself made up of normal, patriotic Americans would be hesitant to go along with such a directive. Therefore, the American security regime is initiating a purge.

    Joe Biden’s nominee for Defense Secretary, retired General Lloyd Austin, announced the regime’s intentions during his confirmation hearings:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Retired Army General Lloyd Austin said on Tuesday that he would work to rid “racists and extremists” from the ranks of the U.S. military, mend alliances and focus strategically on China if confirmed as President-elect Joe Biden’s defense secretary.

    Austin would become America’s first Black defense secretary and has declared his intention to improve diversity within the U.S. military, which is diverse in the lower ranks but largely white and male at the top.

    “If confirmed, I will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault, to rid our ranks of racists and extremists, and to create a climate where everyone fit and willing has the opportunity to serve this country with dignity,” Austin, 67, said at his confirmation hearing.

    “The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies. But we can’t do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks,” Austin told the Senate Armed Services Committee. [Reuters]

    In an earlier age, conservatives might have deluded themselves into thinking they weren’t the “racists and extremists” Austin was speaking of. Media reaction to the Capitol protests has made it unmistakably clear, however, that our ruling class views supporters of outgoing President Trump as suspicious at best and “enemies within our ranks” at worst. Other high ranking military officials have made similar comments, including for General Stanley McChrystal.

    Revolver readers with the usual conservative-minded respect for the military may wonder how such men became generals in the first place. The stereotype of the military is still that it’s a right-wing, conservative institution. This stereotype is no longer correct.

    We no longer live in Roman times where military men are promoted based on their success on the battlefield. Instead, our officer corps are stacked with diversity hires meant to fill quotas. Additionally, all officers, regardless of race, are required to go through the globalist indoctrination of getting a college degree. Military academies, unfortunately, are just as anti-American as normal universities, since their admin and teaching staffs are a great place to put those affirmative action hires who are completely unsuited to combat.

    The end result is that the military is no longer the patriotic, conservative institution it once was. There are still some rank and file members who supported President Trump, but the top brass is now looking to remove them and make the military’s ideological transformation complete.

    The civilian leadership is no better:

    The takeaway here is that the military can no longer be viewed as an ally to opponents of the Globalist American Regime. Wild conjecture, from both the liberal media and “Q”, about a pro-Trump “coup” was always ridiculous, not because the military is so non-ideological that they would never dare intervene in partisan politics, but because they are now hyper-partisan ideologues of the anti-Trump side. This is almost certainly why Trump was unable to use them help preserve law and order during last Summer’s George Floyd riots; they would not cooperate.

    Losing the support of the military is a crushing blow to conservatives. It should cause us all to pause and seriously reevaluate our strategies, both because past strategies have failed so spectacularly and because options going forward are increasingly limited — the military is not coming to save us.

    The past several weeks have provided a cold, sober lesson in the distinction between real power and illusory power. Much of the power that patriots thought they had turned out to be illusory, seeing as the ruling class of the American Regime was essentially able to deplatform a sitting President from the nation’s digital communications infrastructure with impunity.

    The psychological reliance on the potential militum ex machina of a competent, patriotic military is a crutch at best, and must be dispensed with. This is a tough, necessary lesson, but do not despair. Only the fool builds his house on the sands of illusory power. As we take a cold, sober, honest look at the position that we are in and that our country is in, let us renew our resolve to take the slow, painful, but necessary steps toward a real and lasting victory.

  5. I don’t like this bastard anymore.He is exactly as CNN.I don’t listen to none of them.
    Liars and garbage and cowards are all of them.

  6. Well who could have guessed it?
    Any disagreement or refusal to don woke clothing, no matter who you are or what you have/have not done will not help(billionaires and professional politicians (left and GOP traitors) aside).
    All they need now is a rather obvious excuse to kick off a Stalinist purge of the shredded remnants of opposition as well as Trump as while he is alive and free they fear him.
    I have already posted the scenario that will solve many democrat problems by igniting this purge and I wont repeat it here but it involves a false flag removal of a liability with an enshrinement of his spoken aims as policy.

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