Five items that loosely tie together: Links 2, January 20, 2021

1. The claim is that National Guard turned their backs on the Biden motorcade. Its possible that they were told to face that way for security, I have no idea. But if they did turn their backs on Biden, one couldn’t blame them one bit.

2. Forensic audit coming to Maricopa

3. Ezra interviews Derek Sloan on how he was kicked out of the “Conservative” caucus for reasons that were 100% beyond his control, and would only ever be applied to him, and whenever they need to remove someone again.

4. Muslim scholars call on archbishop to ‘apologise’ for remarks

The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) demanded on Tuesday that the Archbishop of Greece, Ieronymos II, should issue an official apology for what they believe were offensive remarks about Islam and Muslims, Anadolu has reported.

“The International Union of Muslim Scholars strongly condemn the Archbishop of Greece’s statements, in which he unjustly attacked Islam (…), neglecting the mercy of Islam and the knowledge it has provided to all humanity,” said IUMS Secretary-General Ali Al-Qaradaghi. “His remarks do not serve humanity, and stem from a hidden hatred while confirming the archbishop’s complete ignorance of Islam.”

He told OPEN TV on Sunday that “Islam is not a religion” and “Muslims always stand with war.” This was in a discussion about the Greek war of independence.

“Islam and its followers are not a religion, but an ambitious political party and people of war (…) expansionists, this is the peculiarity of Islam, and the teachings of Muhammad call for that,” he added.

(Gotta say, I’m pretty much with the Archbishop of Greece on this one.)

5. Eric Trump: ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’

Former President Donald Trump’s children Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Jr. were among those to share farewell messages.

“Without a doubt, the best is yet to come,” said Eric Trump in a statement before President Joe Biden was sworn into office at around noon on Wednesday.

“My hope for Americans is that we never tolerate the old norm” and “take what we have learned in the past four years and we continue to fight for the liberties and pride that allows us to be red, white, and blue,” he remarked.

Elaborating further, Eric Trump said that his family—because of the constant pressure campaign against Trump—”carried tremendous weight through unprecedented resistance and persecution.”

He added, “No president has sacrificed more. But he (and we) did it for the good and betterment of the nation.”

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6 Replies to “Five items that loosely tie together: Links 2, January 20, 2021”

  1. I have no words and only tears for the sadness I feel for the loss of the best country in the world and the defender freedom in the world I hope I’m wrong !!

  2. I believe that many US citizens who are/were opposed to President Trump will come to long for the days when he was President.

  3. IMO it is far more likely that the troops were told to watch for potential threats as looking at the cavalcade is not exactly defensive sense. The troops should have been covering visually the whole 360deg. Remember! They actually believe their own lies and see us as all would be a55a55ins.
    I was wondering if they will a55a55inate Biden themselves, blame it all on us then use it as an excuse for 2nd repeal and filling FEMA.

    • The more I think about the last paragraph above, the more likely I think that it is, as such a death, not only would remove a liability, but would produce the “martyr” effect shown when JFK was killed: any legislation or potential legislation that he mentioned will be forced through “in his honour”. So you could expect a military response by the armed forces on ALL Trump supporters including the arrest of Trump, and the total removal of the 2nd and the expected sequelae. This would be classical Stalinism at its very worst.

  4. It’s quite normal for security guards of all kinds not to look at the thing they’re supposed to be protecting. Even stewards at cricket and football grounds do that.

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