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4 Replies to “Belgium: Moroccan family physically assaults McDonalds worker cause no sauce for fries”

  1. What do they expect? Allow a savage animal into your house, give it undue respect and kindness and then wonder why it bites you if you do not feed it on time.
    Only one cure for islam and it is neither respect nor kindness

    • The Quran allows for “truces” with Infidels and it could be possible to have a big constantly-extending ten-year truce with them if only the top Imams would give it the green light. If we would just take our heads out of the sand, read the Quran, and take let them know we’re onto their game they might very well just fold their tents and go back to business. There are Muslims who want to do exactly that but they get drowned out by the hardliners who are encouraged by our ignorance and stupidity.

      Like, Trudeau giving Omar Khadr ten million bucks and an official apology on behalf of all Canadians for murdering an American medic in the cause of Allah is not an example of an appropriate response…

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