For those weighing the risk benefit of getting one of the experimental mRNA injections for the prevention of Covid19…

Journal de Quebec: The first person in Canada to get the injection now has Covid.

Machine translation from French:

The first person vaccinated in Canada, Gisèle Lévesque, still contracted COVID-19 two weeks after receiving her dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at CHSLD Saint-Antoine on December 14.

CBC (French)

The first vaccinated in Canada contracted COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to spread at CHSLD Saint-Antoine despite the vaccination operation in mid-December. The first person vaccinated in the country, Gisèle Lévesque, was no exception.

According to the most recent data from the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale, there are still 68 active cases among users.

The first person vaccinated in Canada, Gisèle Lévesque, contracted COVID-19 two weeks after receiving her dose, according to several media. She would have had symptoms, but is now better.

Since the start of the pandemic, 36 residents of the CHSLD Saint-Antoine have died of the disease and 95 workers at the facility have contracted it.

Zero Hedge:

Dem Congressman Catches COVID After Receiving 2nd Dose Of Vaccine

Offering the latest reminder that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t 100% effective at stopping people from getting the virus, Democratic Representative Adriano Espaillat of New York announced that he had tested positive even after receiving the second dose of a vaccine. He’s now isolating at home.

“I received the second dose of the #COVID19vaccine last week and understand the affects take time,” Espaillat said on Twitter Thursday, without identifying which vaccine he got. “I have continued to be tested regularly, wear my mask and follow the recommended guidelines.”

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7 Replies to “For those weighing the risk benefit of getting one of the experimental mRNA injections for the prevention of Covid19…”

  1. “The Pfizer and BioNTech covid-19 vaccine may provide some early protection, starting 12 days after the first dose, the peer reviewed results of a phase III trial have found.

    The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine,1 found that vaccine efficacy between the first and second doses was 52% (95% credible interval 29.5% to 68.4%), with 39 cases of covid-19 in the vaccine group and 82 cases in the placebo group.

    Seven or more days after the second dose, vaccine efficacy then rose to 95% (90.3% to 97.6%), with eight covid-19 cases reported in the vaccine group and 162 cases in the placebo group.”

  2. I listened to one Doctor who said that you are only immune to Covid 19 2 weeks after taking the second dose.
    I’m not sure if that was here on VT, there’s so much info, it’s hard to remember what you heard where.

  3. Everyone has the right go get the vaccine if they want and everyone who does not want to get it should not. No guilt trips, no mandate.

    I do not get the flu shot and I do not get the flu. I was advised to get the swine flu shot, I did, 20 minutes later I was shaking and felt terrible for weeks.

    I am in a city right now, I am seeing an awful lot of fear from young people. Doug Ford is whipping it up. Shame on him . Cell phones blaring stay home, signs everywhere, even on the highways, stay home. What kind of quality of fear are they pushing. Stop the madness Doug , fear is not the way to rule. I am truly sorry I supported you, I now have nothing but disdain.

      • Today my Primary Care Dr at the VA ask me is I wanted the vaccine and I told him I wanted to wait and see what it does to other people before I take it. It is the Pfizer Vaccine.

        • Wait till the Israeli data comes in. Several million people will have had both injections within a few weeks.

          We’re worrying here, but they seem to take it in stride. I hope they’re all “prayed up”, but just in case, please add yours.

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