An important Trump order, and what we will learn from it

First the order:

It is our prediction that the order is real and has been given, and that the information will never come out. If it is, it will be so redacted as to be of zero value to those seeking truth about the corruption and illegality of the Obama Biden Clinton administration.

So what we will learn, which we already saw with previous orders to release important documents, is that the anti-state, being run by people like Gina Haspel, Mueller, Soros, Clinton, Comey and a lot of other names we are overly familiar with, have kept the President impotent in many aspects of his rightful duties which he attempted to carry out during the past 4 years.

(We did an interview with Brad Johnson some months ago about documents he ordered declassified which also implicated Trudeau and they never appeared un-redacted. I will post that video here once I find it)

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9 Replies to “An important Trump order, and what we will learn from it”

  1. “Giving order” to declassify is meaningless at this point. Either Trump has those documents already, or it’s an empty gesture.

  2. Hey Lou Dobbs you look as though you are surprised at these revelations. This proves to me that you are either a complete imbecile or totally uncapable of thinking outside the box. You have your nose so far up the anus of that anti American boss of yours that you too should be tried for high treason .

  3. I am so sick and tired of hearing about this magical “declassification” of all these documents like it’s really going to do anything.

    Thanks to people like Vlad, Sundance, Baron at Gates of Vienna and many other brave bloggers, we have found out all the “secrets” of the Swamp Masters of the Deep State.
    These people who are nothing but human scum, are guilty of every crime imaginable including pedophilia, murder, rape, theft, treason, you name it.

    We have absolute proof of all these things PLUS proof that the election was STOLEN from President Trump by millions of votes.

    We just saw an innocent young white woman murdered in the capital, yet we still don’t know the name of the perpetrator. Just imagine if Ashli Babbitt (SAY HER NAME) had been black and the cop had been white- our cities would still be burning.

    I hate to break anyone’s bubble- but does anyone really believe that this big declass is going to lead to ANYTHING? You really think even one of the perps is going to prison or have done to them what they did to Roger Stone? Then think again.

    And the beat goes on.

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