The view in Washington DC

(I think they took liberties in naming the video above)

Biden must be a very popular president to need this kind of protection.

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  1. Executive order 13848 was initiated sept 10,2020
    Remember the muller russia investigation…..
    Everything is upside down
    Wiki leaks has trump, muller, rosenstein, sessions working together to take down a criminal cartel in NY in the 90s, they’re on the same side

    this can be validated throught the court system in italy, need google translate to look further into it….

    Steve Pieczenik validated the upove today on Alex Jones, complete with coming arrests in the next 7 days believe that or not…
    been listening to this guy for about 17 years, been pretty spot on no matter how crazy it sounds

  2. I wonder what these “soldiers” are being told to think and what is going through their minds.

    I worry that they will be set on the public, their families and friends.

  3. All staging. The Democrats want to show there is this huge threat by Trumpers to riot Jan. 20th. All a lie. Nothing will be there. Trumpers live in fear for their lives and their livelihoods. They are in complete fear of punishment by Big Tech and Big Gorp. The hyenas, the beasts will have their show. Let them feast.

  4. just for show – imho
    1993 Los Angeles was the real deal
    A Marine convoy from Camp Pend[le]ton moves up the I-5. (May 1, 1992) (Dave Gatley / Los Angeles Times) About 4,000 federal troops, Marines and soldiers begin arriving at Marine Corps Air Stations in Tustin and El Toro. By 6 p.m., most of the National Guard troops are deployed.

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