Invitation to readers to properly name these coordinated events to consolidate power by lies and censorship

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  1. Anybody who still uses Amazon, YouTube, google, Facebook and Twitter deserves to have their speech thwarted

    We have allowed these oligarchs to hold monopolies
    To gain riches beyond comprehension

    All under the guise of free enterprise, capitalism, but in reality
    It is oligarchism

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. =. Power

    Like when bezos wants to make A business deal, he calls all the shots
    He makes the phone call demands the meet, sets the terms of the deal and presto….

    A plant in Alberta, Huge plot of land, No Taxes, or Income Taxes,
    Cause he tells the politicians he will be providing 1500 minimum wage
    Jobs and WOW
    They just bend over and suck his cock
    I’m sure it’s the same in every province

  2. I just did a brief round of the proTrump sites where I am familiar with many of those who post..or at least their user names and accounts and I have a few on email as well which I only occasionally use. Apparently there has been a marked increase in blatant violence demands by supposed Trump supporters but most of whom have Disqus style accounts with few posts and so seem very recent.
    The conclusion I am told by my most trusted email source is that antifa are joining our sites to make violence demands and threats on individuals in a kind of false flag manner to get all such sites banned. Now this is not new but the number has increased.
    This is not yet well organized but you can expect it to take off so many of the points that were made in opposition to my views are valid in this context. I have no intention of apologizing as other than demanding violence or making threats which is stupid I still see it all as appeasement but new posters have to be watched with care is the consensus.

    • Absolutely right! Beware the new and unknown sources and commenters. There will be a huge new push in the Grey Zone, especially before the 20th to confuse and distract.

    • There is a post on the National Guard threat that seems to be designed to get someone not use to the trolls upset and then respond in kind.

    • I strongly suspect that the hysterically anti-Semitic commenters on BitChute are the same thing. They accuse the Jews of causing every bad thing that ever happened without ever giving evidence for what they’re saying – they’d be funny if it wasn’t so sick. I don’t think they’re serious. I think they’re just trying to make BitChute look bad and get it kicked off the air like Parler. We are under attack in a big, big way…
      It’s not your imagination. Somebody is purposely steering the West over a waterfall and we’re simply refusing to wake up and see it…

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