Comments: How it was, how it is now

In 2009, I had the opportunity to see someone speak who to this day I think is the smartest man I have ever heard.

His name is David Yerushalmi. A constitutional lawyer in the US. A man who has argued cases before the Supreme Court and won, and who has defended some of the people beleaguered by the left even back then and since.

In his talk, he explained how freedom of speech works under US law. To be more accurate, I should say, how it worked in 2009. It still technically works like this, but the law is the least of our worries these days.

David explained that you can say anything, even that you want to kill so and so, providing that there is no “immediacy.”

In other words, if a person says or writes, “Im so mad at so and so that I want to kill them!” or, “I hate so and so this much I hope they get a bullet in the head!” that is perfectly legal right up to the point where the person adds “immediacy”. This means when they say, “I want to kill so-and-so tomorrow at 2:00 PM”, now its a crime. It has gone from protected speech to a threat and a plan to carry out that threat.

This all seems very reasonable. It was a great way to run a nation. Maximal allowance for normal human emoting, but a clear line where the law needs to act to prevent a crime.

The left however, which has been planning the destruction of all reason based societies for over a century now, has taken a page from the Chinese war manual, that of unlimited warfare. Or perhaps the Chinese took it from the Frankfurt School, who took it from Marx.

But however the chain of events happened, the result is that the left, in their unceasing efforts to totally deconstruct Western Civilization and all of its institutions, went outside the usual implements of a free society. They find people with a voice and destroy them by getting them fired, getting their families fired from their own jobs, doxxing, arranging for groups of communist insurgent thugs to attack them or their property, and who seem strangely immune from criticism and the law when they do.

One of the most pernicious tactics is the deliberate reinterpretation of whatever they might say to make them appear to have violated vague sets of selectively enforced rules and many many more similar, but unethical, unfair and often even illegal tactics. One clear example is how when President Trump made a video asking people to peacefully go home and the importance of peace in the democratic transfer of power, the video was removed from all leftist controlled platforms and the narrative that President Trump called for violence was invented and amplified as a justification for his further public destruction.

This website for its entire 13 years of operation is riddled with stories about people who have been deplatformed or otherwise destroyed for wrongthink.

And in the last week, it could be entirely those examples, that and it could have a dozen times more examples than we have posted, just from what we have seen in the comments and on Twitter etc.

At this point, what is legal is of considerably less importance than the actual rules of expression as they are enforced by extralegal measures by the left. Which means when you are speaking of a leftist leader, you must phrase your emotional output very carefully. Of course, if its part of the attempt to assassinate President Trump’s character, memory, legacy, accomplishments etc. you can say whatever you want and be celebrated for it, and all the 1st amendment rights will be aggressively championed for you.

Advisor to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau tweet

I suppose this is part of what one communist, or was it an Islamic tactician explained, would be how they would use our very freedoms to destroy us. But they left out how the really destructive part was denying those freedoms to their enemies. Namely us.

So I ask all commenters to this site to consider the reality of freedom of speech today when using this site. Say what you want of course. but don’t make it easy for our enemies, and they are large and powerful, to destroy this site, and go after its people.

We are working on a project to allow real freedom of speech as written in the US 1st amendment right now. And it will have all the freedoms AND legal limits that are the parameters of the traditional American approach to freedom. But till that is up and integrated, please curb your most unfiltered thoughts in the face of what ruefully we have to admit is the new reality, the new landscape of a post legal America and West.

Thank you all for your efforts. This community, which is all of our accomplishment, is still the greatest thing I have ever been involved with.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.



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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

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  1. I thought it was longer than 13 years. Time flies.
    I have read the site all this time and your balance and fairness have been evident from the start. If an article is false or suspect ,you say so. You have been one of my main sources to compare to the MSM and you have been essential as ammunition against the false narrative that we now face.
    If only many of the good people on the otherside of the discussion, could be introduced to you ,it would be great but I am afraid they lap this narrative up. I believe they are good but they have been duped. I am shocked by people close to me who call for censorship of speech and the prosecution of a different view.
    I am afraid they will now find out the hard way.

    Keep up the good work and thank you.

  2. Yes, thank you for your efforts, Eeyore.

    PS With the new site,/platform, could you possibly enable the posting of pictures/memes?

    • From what I have seen so far its pretty much exactly like Twitter.

      In fact I like it a lot.

      The real challenge like so much in life, is not making a thing good. Its getting people to use it enough that it takes off.

      Think of how many TV shows and movies and second rate art goes huge because all the effort was put into sales and promotion and not very much into makingh a great production. This also explains why Netflix is 90% propaganda now.

      Getting people to use something good is the hard part. Like getting a good movie on screens, and getting people to go to theatres. To use a 20th century analogy.

      So once we are ready to launch, the real work will be from all of us. To get everyone to sign up to it, and some people to even host aspects of it.

      More on that when its more mature.

  3. Thirteen Years, I don’t think I have been posting that long but I do know that in the time VTB has been active we have all matured as citizen journalists and opinion writers. I don’t know how much good we have done but I do know that things would be worse if we weren’t doing our best to fight the left and their Islamic allies.

    May the next 13 years be better for the cause of freedom and civilization and for all of us.

  4. “David explained that you can say anything, even that you want to kill so and so, providing that there is no “immediacy””

    This is still sounds correct…

    …as it is applied to the new Laws of Blasphemy made against the arbitrarily made Preferentials. The Oppressor, you; the Victim, them. To offend against those with Protected Characteristics, and all those offended on behalf of these identities, are immediately offended.

    So, to wish any Preferential dead, is an instant Hate Crime. Pocohuntus can sue.

    So even a thought uttered with the most riddicule and despair to dethrone the purveyor of ‘all men are rapists,’ and their hatred of all men, will be twisted to be an oppression of all women.

    Without objectivity, the self-built electric fences of willing-slaves just won’t understand any wit used at their expense. The State therefore, must be separate from all the religions: presently facing Communism, islam and Sexualidentity. These who become slaves their mind, slaves of their god, or slaves of their body; who lord themselves, and force little children to participate and approve.

    And what happens to the Prefential Characteristics when they finally get their pure Communism, islam and Sexualidentity? The Fems don’t exist. The Master Race remains. Such is the immediacy of threat.

  5. This post is excellent. It brings to my mind Jordan Peterson, and how he expresses himself and his opinions, yet he is open to learn and understand, and there is no emotional “hate” in his anger, when he needs to fight back and make a serious point. They twist his words anyway, they are afraid of his logic, they are afraid of someone who actually can think for themselves. And they call this man, who has helped so many young people, a Nazi. Wow. I shouldn’t be surprised. They call Candace Owens a white supremacist. We absolutely need to be careful with our words because there are sheep out there, looking to others’ words to know what to think, how to act and twisting them to suit their own agenda because they do not have their own Words within and there are quislings out there (MSM) etc, seeking to cash in for a lucrative return, and emotional gratification from a pat on the head from the one whose claws are in their soul. It is so important to walk a fine line, among family, friends, acquaintances, workmates … to express what you think and feel in a way that conveys your real feelings (I don’t want to lose my soul) yet not to get yourself in real trouble and have your message twisted, or negated and blocked (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter …). The message is important and needs to get out. We can’t lose this precious idea called America, Western civilization, Judeo-Christian values, individualism, free speech. In the “open” marketplace, (pseudo free-speech USA) we need to be eloquent and careful …but we also need to be real. In a free speech USA marketplace, we can express a raw emotion or blatantly offensive opinion up to the point that it crosses that line … yet as Eeyore points out, we are not in that place right now. Which is sad because sometimes words stemming from unbridled emotions contain valuable truths to explore …

  6. As Mark Steyn said on Rush’s show yesterday, Jan 20 will see the unholy merging of Big Tech and Big Gov’t– essentially Orwell’s nightmare come true. And everyone carries their telescreen around with them

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