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6 Replies to “Brad Johnson update post protests in DC recorded late January 7th 2021”

  1. I don’t disagree with much that Brad said, what I do disagree with is the idea that things are not going to turn violent. The left has won and Antifa is going to start going after the people that are high profile members of the Counter Revolution. In a different thread you pointed out how CNN was doxing Trump Supporters who were at the protests. I predict that antifa or one of its allies will go after the people doxed and that the Propaganda Media will cover for the left by not reporting on the attacks. This is when various conservative groups will decide that they have nothing to lose and start their own guerrilla war against the left.

    Its gonna get wild, keep your musket clean your power dry and your bug out bag packed.

  2. Don’t forget that the Dhimmicrats are going to open the borders and flood solid Conservative areas to permanently change the Demographics.

    islamic migration to US is about to explode.

  3. Well — I talked to my sister today who’s in CA and she’s more fired up than ever in support of President — as am I. So are her neighbors!
    The obscenity of the left’s invidious, malicious, and diabolically evil abuse of our duly elected President Trump has not gone unnoticed by us.
    If anything, even the uninitiated and heretofore politically apathetic American knows that a gross injustice and evil has and is being perpetrated. One doesn’t have to be a reader of the handwriting on the wall to know they mean us irreparable harm — they intend to treat us domestic terrorists and ban us from partaking of social discourse just as they are doing with our President.
    One might be tempted to think they are spoiling for worse things to come — in the manner of pushback.
    Personally, I think they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

    Thank you — as always, Mr. Johnson, I appreciate your contributions and insight voiced here at VladTepes.

    • They have Bitten off a lot more then they can chew, they have done this because they believe their own propaganda, this is always a real big mistake.

  4. I think the MAGA movement will dump the Republicans, with or without Donald. I can foresee a military coup, to take out the criminals in government, before a new election.

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