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8 Replies to “CTV, the last media to not be totally enemy propaganda in Trudopia, inverts reality for the narrative”

  1. Well of course they lie. We are at war, and brazen lying is one weapon in it. Of course it’s more like gaslighting, right? Turning reality upside down.

    I am furious tonight. A million people went to bat for Trump, and he did not even have the capacity to protect them from Antifa infiltration? And what did we gain by this yet another rally?! NOTHING! He had no plan, only preening! Go home, he says. We’ve lost a fine young woman, and they lost nothing. Only gained an opportunity for payback, for all the publicity about the fraud. Stole the narrative.

    This is war, people. And they have all the money and the power. I bet nobody will be tried for killing the woman, even though cops are tried for shooting threatening criminals, and she threatened nobody. Hello? How many times are we going to do the same crap that does not work???!!! And lose good people thereby? Where are the strategists for the underdog? How many times will we allow ourselves be played? Where are the strategists worth their salt?

    This makes me sick. Peace to the soul of patriot Ashli Babbit.

    • Where are the strategists worth their salt?

      That’s our most urgent need.
      They’ll emerge, we’ll not throw our lives away. We organize, we fight. We endure, we triumph.

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