Five items of moral, legal and historical inversions: Links 3, January 5, 2021

1. The bacon made him wreck that bank machine and a couple of cars

2. Once you know government lies to you, you know a lot.

3. If anyone cares to explain what is going on here, that would be great.

4. So, what is sacred under law, is Marxist symbols bent on the destruction of America, and its laws.

5. New York and Canada new ‘laws’

Thank you all who stayed with us so far. It can get discouraging.


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10 Replies to “Five items of moral, legal and historical inversions: Links 3, January 5, 2021”

  1. Q. Does anyone know how to find out if a Covid-19 test kit works? Anyone?

    A. Test a paw paw or your next glass of coke.

    It is all a farce, a very large and extremely serious farce but a farce none the less.


  2. 3 – The Republicans are starting to fight back. These are the opening moves in the Second US Civil War. The next move comes tomorrow in DC when we see how the Dems are going to play the Contesting of the electoral votes? A lot of people are saying that Pelosi won’t allow a debate in the House, since the debate is mandated in the Constitution this will put the Dems on very shaky legal grounds and would (in my opinion)be justification for Pence to reject the disputed electoral voters or to delay the vote until a commission has investigated the vote fraud. Both actions are in a legal gray area so who knows what will happen.

  3. Eeyore: “Thank you all who stayed with us so far. It can get discouraging.”

    You’re damn right it can get discouraging. The bad guys are about to gain absolute control over the United States and the average person is totally unaware of the magnitude of what is happening. We are getting the shit kicked out of us in a war that most people are too stupid to even see is happening. And once the total media/government lockdown happens there is no way to reverse it – just like North Korea, the Soviet Union, Iran, or communist China. The grip continues indefinitely until someone fights back and kills the grippers. The West is about to stop being “The Free West”.

    They just threw a very popular president out of office using scandalously underhanded means and now they’re going to rip us to pieces. Stay tuned for all the climate change tyranny you can eat and a steady diet of slanderous lies…

    • Trudeau upsets me so much I have serious trouble thinking about him at all. I’ve never seen such an idiot as Justin. And, you know what? I think both Justin and his famous father truly hate Canada and strive only to give a black eye to those Anglo bastarde and their stupid capitalist so-called “country”…

      He definitely is Fidel Castro’s son, you know…

    • On January 11 we will find out what is to become of another one who got in with the wrong crowd and beat a 75 year old woman to death while she was out for a walk.

  4. 1/ Off the Derech (OTD)- Derech is the path or road,
    Going off ‘the straight and narrow’.

    Confront the yeshiva rebel:
    Put it DOWN.
    Step AWAY from that Bacon Cheesburger!

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