Woman arrested for proving narrative a lie in Airstrip One: Links 2, December 30, 2020

1. How totalitarian is the UK now? According to this tweet, you get arrested and jailed for exposing state propaganda as false.

AAaaaand its true:

Woman arrested in connection with video filmed at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Police have confirmed an arrest has been made in connection with an incident at one of the county’s hospitals.

A 46-year-old woman has been arrested after a video was filmed at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and posted online.

Officers from Gloucestershire Constabulary arrested the woman yesterday on suspicion of a public order offence.

She has been bailed until January on condition she does not to enter any NHS premises unless it is for an emergency or an appointment.

The woman has not been named.

2. Here is an interesting graph from Stats Canada. Even when you factor in increased suicides and increased drug deaths, 2014 was a deadlier year in Canada. 20202 seems about average.

3. Twitter shows its dishonesty again. It is a FACT that over 100% of eligible voters voted in November. Saying so is stating a fact. But Twitter has to urinate all over any attempt to do so.

Try and like or retweet this to see how much effort Twitter puts into maintaining a narrative and suppressing truth.

4. There is a lot of news on the fraud that was the US election on November 3rd. This site for the first few weeks posted dozens of items per day that all seemed to be very good evidence of fraud. We also listened to, and cut and reposted some of the most credible and important witness testimony. The only reason we stopped, is because nothing appears to be being done about it. It is a fact that the election was stolen by the Democrats. It is a mathematical impossibility that the results are as presented. But when nothing appears to be done about it, and even corporations like Twitter and Google who are legally bound to be unbiased, tilt their mighty powers towards deception towards a united goal, the overthrow of the Constitutional polity of the US in favour of something that whatever else it may be, is far to the left of anything anyone would vote for, it gets difficult to keep posting these data points. It gets to feeling like beating yourself in the head. You know whats true. Its right in front of anyone who wants to look. Its beyond interpretation the evidence is so clear. But it changes nothing.

Listening to Red State Radio on my phone app, Talk Stream Live, I heard a great speech by Giuliani from Georgia just a day or so ago. So I searched for it on Youtube:

I still have not found the speech I heard on Red State Radio. It was very good. A hard hitting statement of facts about how much and what kind of cheating took place, and even to the extent that some counties may decertify the results. Google and Twitter are so deep in on the fix, in a nation of constitutional law, they would be indicted for treason.

In any case, many of our wonderful readers continue to find and post these items to the Reader’s links and they can be found there. Also the Epoch Times always has excellent articles with evidence of the fraud. For those not already discouraged, both places are gold mines of information.

5. The most important thing you can know about authority is if they knowingly lie to you. It doesn’t matter what the lie is, or why. Once you know they lie, you know a lot.

Thank you Richard, Rich, ML., Wrath of Khan, PC., Johnny U., Kim, and Many more who left thoughts and links in the Reader’s Links post.

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  1. The path to victory in the election has narrowed a lot, right now all paths join at the Contested Election in Congress. If the various members of Congress keep their world and contest the election I don’t see how Trump can lose. Any Republican that wants to remain in politics will have to vote for him, granted the establishment will be very upset but they will have been taught that the people still own and control this nation.

  2. Linguistic Genomics does research on bio- and chemical- weapons. In 1999 patent applications were digitized. They saw that coronavirus patents started showing up.

    Fauci and Baric. A highly manipulable virus… hmmm…
    – – if it’s a patent on a natural substance or process, it’s not legal.
    – – if it’s a manufactured virus, that’s a violation of bioweapons treaties and laws.

    2003 SARS-1 broke out in Hong Kong. Golden opportunity: pathogen => profit.

    2007 – They filed a directive to keep the patents confidential. These patents gave total control over the coronavirus industrial complex. Constrained everyone else from manipulating it, testing for it, measuring it.

    2012-14 The NIH called for a moratorium on gain-of-function research, but made the pause voluntary.
    – So the research was off-shored to Wuhan, China.
    – Funded thru cover orgs ~ obscured the origin, and accountability.

  3. Am I reading that graph from stats Canada wrong or are you VT?
    If 2020 is the dotted line and 2014 is the blue line, then 2020 is shown
    as higher rate of death over the year.

  4. NTD News (sister unit to the Epoch Times) on Youtube is carrying all the state election hearings live, including Giuliani’s presentations.

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