“This pandemic has been staged”

Oz-Rita who sends this to us, offers this information about the video above:

Very important video, have a look around min 20 or so, you had this German lawyer on already, but he is now inviting Canada and Australia and US to start class actions against the now proven bogus PCR tests (very much used here in Oz), I’m in bed already, but having heard a bi part of this interview (in ENGLISH) I think the actions of these Corona Group of lawyers will be successfull, and soon

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  1. I don’t know why people have such belief in courts.

    From what I’ve seen, “political” cases get shunted to “system” judges, with predictible results.

    I’ve seen it in several provinces of Canada, and I doubt that it’s all that different elsewhere.

      • Think about it: Canada and 350+,000 migrants (most Sub-Saharan) per year for three years.

        Add to that the incoming Universal Income in spring 2021 that will well serve these new migrants.

        Followed with bankruptcies and quite possibly bank bail-ins, all wrapped up in mandatory vaccine.

        Consideration must be given to that Procurement Request for 66,000 military anti-riot munitions, delivery March 21, 2021.

        Testing ground was how easily people would comply with aseptic gels on their hands, masks, and restrictions. It worked!

        Canada is heading toward a dark place.

  2. I would be very curious to know what Canadians he has contacted. Seems Canadian medical personal are complete mindless cowards.

  3. The more that people sue and have their cases dismissed by an activist Judge the more the distrust of the politicians grows. Over half of the population think the election was stolen but no Judge will rule on the evidence. Large numbers of people know the “pandemic” isn’t as dangerous as is being reported. They know the left wing politicians are using the “pandemic” as an excuse to seize power and to maintain power. Just as they are using the highly organized vote fraud to steal the 2020 Presidential Election

    As the distrust in the government grows the probability of a civil war grows, another thing that is feeding the growth of distrust is the way the Government lies about major crimes. Everyone who knows the history of terrorism knows that the far radical right don’t do bombings. Especially bombings that fit the profile of the 1960s far left terror attacks in the US and Western Europe. The Propaganda Press are reporting that the person of interest (genetic testing says the human remains are his) was always complaining about the 5G wireless net. This convenient fall guy allows the Government to shut down the investigation while never explaining why a car bomb terror attack caused a no fly zone over the city that was attacked with a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) with orders to shoot down any plane that disobeyed orders.

    I would love to now what a proof of concept terror attack has to do with national security, why was the national security threatened so much a CAP was placed over Nashville? I would also love to know how they are going to twist the next Terror attacks and the ones following to be right wing terror?

    All of the lies here and the distrust they generate combine with the distrust of the electoral system and the Judicial system and convince more people that they have to protect themselves instead of relying on the Government. The State of Ohio just passed a “Stand Your Ground” law, under these laws if you have a legal right to be someplace you don’t have to retreat (run away) when attacked, you can stand your ground and use lethal force to protect yourselves.

    Despite the BS/Propaganda of the left Self Defense isn’t vigilante justice, it is defending your self (and in some states your property) from the human predators. Vigilante Action is what the hero/antihero in the Death Wish movies takes. He goes out hunting the criminals to punish them.

    • I hear people talking more and more about getting a second passport. Russians who couldn’t adjust to Israel, some have relatives who couldn’t get into the U.S. and settled in Canada.

      Maybe it’s time to reunite the families somewhere else. Costa Rica?

  4. Once again Karry Mullis, the genius who invented the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology stated that the PCR test as inappropriate to detect a viral infection. The reason is that the intended use of the PCR was, and still is, to apply it as a manufacturing technique, being able to replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times and not as a diagnostic tool to detect viruses.

    The fact checkers are now saying he never said that.

    I wonder about the number of people worldwide who have been denied health care because of shutdowns.

    People in remote areas, who have been waiting because of shutdown backlogs, finally get to see a doctor, and learn they have scare tissue because of the wait…………

    I can not drive,
    I can not fly.
    I have a gas bubble
    In my eye.

    Extermination is such a nasty word used by Evil men.

    • Reuters fact checkers say Mullis never said what he really said. Fact is there are a lot of evil liars out there. Karry Mullis also said the men at the top knew very little about real science and one should just “Follow the money.”

      The globalists are working hard to destroy the middle class.

      Stay home
      Stay safe
      Wear a mask

      Do not listen to CBC, CTV, CNN,
      To hell with globalists
      Trump won the election in a landslide.

  5. I have a problem with people who deny the pandemic, who refuse to wear the mask because it is useless and liberticidal, say that it is a gripette, and that only people at the end of their lives die from it. The same people are fiercely anti-vaccine.
    I am opposed to lock down, the economy must not be destroyed. But the pandemic is a reality. China got us, and although the vaccine is risky, in principle, if I protect those around me, I’m goin for.
    People become hateful, crazy if you’re for the mask or in favor of the vaccine. There is a lot of exaggeration on one side or the other.

    • Come on man where did the flu go?

      How many people died of the Hong Kong flu, SARS, the Swine flu?

      I have a problem with drama queens, hypochondriacs, liars, politicians who quote the global mantra. i.e. Justine Trudeau, and Doug Ford.

      Stop the madness.

    • There is a lot of exaggeration on one side or the other.
      Fighting each other works against all of us.
      Direct righteous anger at the govt that’s handling things so poorly. Social media has been a powerful weapon against civil society. We’re distracted from purposeful action, we’re divided & easily conquered.

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