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5 Replies to “Armed ANTIFA face off against Trump supporters.”

  1. From the Vostok ice core samples:

    According to Barnola et al. (1991) and Petit et al. (1999) these measurements indicate that, at the beginning of the deglaciations, the CO2 increase either was in phase or lagged by less than ~1000 years with respect to the Antarctic temperature, whereas it clearly lagged behind the temperature at the onset of the glaciations.

    Are my eyes deceiving me or is that fancy talk for “CO2 levels do not affect the earth’s temperature but instead are affected by the eath’s temperature”. Is that not a clear admission that the trace gas, CO2, is not causing global warming and that the whole thing is one enormous and thoroughly evil hoax? CO2 does not affect the climate!!! Got it, folks? They’re playing you for fools and hiding their lies in plain sight. I’m using their own information here… The “positive causal relationship” between CO2 levels and temperature goes the other way ’round. Soylent Green is People…!!!

    In the coming months, they are going to try to really push the climate change hoax on us and if we don’t want to be controlled like robots we’d better educate ourselves on climate change and tell the Swindlers to go to Hell. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to read about the effing weather…

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