More peace in the Middle East and war in the USA: Links 2, December 11, 2020

1. Police shoot Covid curfew breaker, clearly for the good of his health

2. Peace deal reached with UAE and Israel, and soon, Morocco

3. Portland Autonomous zone

Please see yesterday’s Brad Johnson segment on this issue

4. Medical Theatre

5. Alaska is 19th State to Join Amicus Curiae States in Texas SCOTUS Lawsuit – Having Found Their Balls

Alaska is the latest state to join the amicus curiae states in the Texas SCOTUS election lawsuit.

Arizona was the 18th state to join the Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Malca, Yucki, Chris Jones, Richard, and many more who sent in materials and are helping keep important issues alive like the case of Obama Vs. General Flynn


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  1. 2.) If Beijing Biden and Communista Harris are getting into the White House, this Peace Deal will become quickly Pieces.

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