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7 Replies to “Former Merck Whistleblower Details Mandatory Vaccine Push”

  1. Poor woman. Wacked for truth, it seems. Needles for profit to feed the machine. Just like Seth Rich. But a different machine. No sign of robbery. Equally obscene.

  2. There are laws that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued or any adverse effects or vaccine damage.

    Let that sink in.

    There is a reason for this. And it is not meant to help out the ‘little guy’

    It usually takes close to 10+ years to make sure vaccines do not have long term side effects.

    The Covid vaccine was developed in just a few months, the people who developed it are immune from liability for bad consequences… and if you don’t take it, this will be the excuse to strip you of your civil liberties.

    I was born and raised behind the iron curtain.

    I know this tune…

    • Lets see. The WHO says nobody has isolated a live Covid 19. Or a dead one.
      No sample. Nobody can point at any covid strain, and tell it apart from any other COMMON COLD STRAIN.
      The vaccine is a guess. And probably not a competent guess.
      How do they develop these things when you have no viral sample?
      Work out a rough Hamiltonian. Hire 3000 F tier, less than Bangalore minimum wage pajeet code monkeys. Brute-force half-assed numerical simulations.
      Pick one. Brew up the juice in a real competent pajeet lab.
      Inject a bunch of dumbasses. Watch as the retro viruses, weird cancers, rotting extremities and neurological short circuits sicken, kill or sterilize test subjects in the 85 percentile range. Demand total immunity before releasing the Mengele Juice.
      Inject population at gun point.
      Not the populations of India, or China, or Bangladesh, Mexico, or Africa.
      You cannot risk the slave labor force.
      Besides. They’re already subjugated, and to dumb to even think of resisting in the first place.
      Global Fascist Plutocracy Imposed. At gunpoint.
      Klaus Schwab is happy.

  3. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/republicans-president-trump-robbed-poll

    In my humble opinion polling numbers like this easily justify the holding of another American election, this time no machines, no mail-in ballot harvesting, and this time nobody messing with the Republican observers who should be at each station in large numbers with keen tireless eyesight and cops nearby to ensure their safety from the Democrat Brownshirts…

    The USA might as well fold up its tent as go on with so many Americans convinced that the election was stolen. Without that trust in the sanctity of voting all is truly lost. There really needs to be a do-over or a hell of a lot of people are going to get very disillusioned and noticeably angrier…

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