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7 Replies to “Brad Johnson: ANTIFA communists fortify new area as “autonomous zone” in Portland”

  1. I want to expand on what Brad said about the 20+ person hit squad that murdered the MAGA hat wearing Proud Boy. If it is possible watch the video again, (possibly Vlad or someone can post it again) not the discipline in this squad, it is trained and experienced in murder. The shooter had no hesitation, he stepped out and pulled the trigger. Antifa has a core of trained personal who are the trainers and leaders, they are the ones that direct the ones wearing black while being careful to not break any laws. If SCOTUS tosses the Electors from the 4 battleground states and orders the legislatures to pick the Electors and Trump wins the trained core will maintain their current jobs. They will try to stay out of trouble except when they are murdering someone, either at random or some target picked because they are a leader of the pro freedom movement. If Biden is sworn in the trained core will be the ones who will come out as the officers in the new Democrat public militia and secret police. Either way they will be directing the murder of the enemies of the Dems.

    Brad said that it will be the ordinary people (who are organizing) that will end this threat to the Republic. These are the people the left looks down on and doesn’t understand, they are the quiet people who want to be left along to do their think, either jobs or if retired hobbies. Among this group there are a lot more trained people then among Antifa and our trained people are better trained and experienced. These are the hard men who go out and do nasty things so we are safe in our beds at night and they are getting pissed because the left is trying to seize control of the US government to impose a communist government on us. I know these people and am sure they will be the ones who will win the war to secure our freedom.

    While the forces of freedom will end up winning this war it will be a long war, a war of shadows fought inside the US and there will be many deaths and injuries among the non combatants. All of you need to learn the three conditions Green, Orange and Red, Green is where most of us live full time with no real situational awareness. Orange is where you are aware of what is happening around you and you are on guard. Red is when you are danger ready and can move and strike on the recognition of danger. You can’t remain in condition Red full time without going crazy but you can learn to live in Condition Orange and can move from Orange to Red Quickly. You can’t move from Green to Red quickly so learn Orange.

    You can also pray for a Trump victory, while the explosion to full street combat will come faster under Trump the police will be on our side. Under Biden they will either be on Antifa’s side or will have left the force to avoid being sent to jail for trying to prevent crimes.

    Keep you muskets clean, your powder dry and your bug out bag packed. Crunch time is coming and I pray all of you survive the coming years while we fight to remove the communist threat from the west.

    • Excellent outline, Richard.

      If PTrump manages to prevail, domestic enemies will have massive foreign support. And they’re likely to go beyond the wildest dreams of our domestic trash.

      Seasoned mercs from hellholes raging around the globe. Drone swarms, NorK tunnel tech. Israel recently foiled – just in time – an attack that would’ve poisoned a major water-supply installation.

      Unrestricted warfare disabling our supply chains. Flood of counterfeit currency. Cyber tactics deployed by an enemy that knows our system intimately. Bezos’ AWS manages the CIA database.

      And so forth.

      • All of those are possible, some of them highly probable. Add in the fact that the fighting won’t stay in North America, it will spread around the world, probably like wild fire.

        2 to 3 years after the fighting starts all sides will be doing things that are currently considered war crimes. All sides will do them to try and not only survive but win the war.

        We can take if as a give that what passes for civilization will be destroyed and we will return to tribalism that will mean freedom for our tribe but probably not for the others especially if we get pissed at them. Things are going to change and a lot of the changes won’t be good one. I don’t think the left will win in the US but they may end up controlling a lot of Europe. China is in major economic trouble so they will probably fall. That will leave India, Korea and Japan competing to be the big boys in that region.The Middle East will be chaos and God alone knows what will happen in Russia. Europe will be a bigger and longer fight then in North America and they will probably go back to strong man rule if not full Monarchy.

        • It’s already on: Covid-19.
          THAT was Pearl Harbor.

          “Unrestricted Warfare” doesn’t care about stinkin’ war crimes
          It won’t look like wars of the past, except in “episodes” of marginal importance.

          The PRC couldn’t do it without partners.
          For starters: the WHO, Johns Hopkins (That’s Mike Bloomberg), Bezos (CIA contract with Amazon Web Services, media control beyond ownership of WaPo and CNN).

          + Whoever planted Fauci in PT’s face.
          Failure of PT’s staff to do a 10 minute search on him BEFORE elevating him as High Priest.

    • Antifa, BLM, and DSA – A three in one, well organized and slowly weaponized since many years, as of Obama tenure.
      Let’s go back to what Vlad said about Mandalay Bay.
      Victims were almost all White Republicans.

      TRUMP: All that is left is January 6. And I fear he will lose because terror has been instilled in the heart of SCOTUS, and therefore others.

      Biden/Harris will be powerless: Civil War. This is the first time I cheer on the Far-Right.

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