Trudeau, putting China first again: Links 3, December 8, 2020

1. Trudeau has been making Canadian armed forces train Chinese forces. Full on joint exercises.

This seems related in that, “we are in fact, at war with China, but what does “with” mean? We are with them, or fighting against them?

2. An obstacle to the recognition of Biden as president

3. You’ve all seen the first one no doubt. but it feels like it needs to be on the record a lot. This is a follow up video of threat by Democrat house member against all who support Trump.

4. Supreme Court petitioned now by EIGHTEEN STATES to ensure the law was followed in the Nov. 3 election

5. Communists use trick language. Voluntary means you do it or we make your life impossible.


Thank you M., Johnny U., Kontrarian Kim, Nash Montana, Wrath of Khan, Richard, PC., and all who sent in materials this week so far.


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8 Replies to “Trudeau, putting China first again: Links 3, December 8, 2020”

    • Sounds like a terrorist threat (violation of Fed Law). Sounds like she is calling on the military to cause harm or kill Trump supporters. Very scary woman.

      • The “Soldiers” – are the Far Left. The context would not make any sense if it were directed towards those who protect borders.

        If an imam had said her exact words… “Sounds like he is calling on the military…”

        You just can’t make it up.

  1. 2016 , he knew what was coming…

    And he did NOTHING to protect access of conservatives to online services. Was there NOTHING the Trump Justice Dept could do to defend supporters against demonetization and eventually being “disappeared”?

    He fought back with tweet storms, echo-chamber YT channels. Till even those outlets have been peeled away, ever more savagely. Now we’re just about silenced. We scramble for alternative platforms for our samizdat blogs.

    This was a battle that should’ve been waged in 2016.
    We’re ALL paying the price now.

  2. China;
    Have no clue if this is accurate or true. If it is even close to true……. Has anyone heard anything about this? Not a web site I have seen before. A friend sent it to me.

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