US leftist election rigging post 2 for December 8, 2020

1. Trump makes another very salient point which Twitter attempts to reduce in gravitas with its stupid warnings


LAS VEGAS – If you are covering the Trump Electors Election Contest lawsuit please consider the following statement from the Nevada Republican Party:

“An appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court in the Trump Elector Election Contest lawsuit has been filed. A motion to expedite consideration will follow promptly. The Nevada Republican Party will continue to fight for election integrity.”

You can read the Notice of Appeal here: Notice of Appeal

3. The real foreign power influence is not Russia and Trump, but China and the Democrats

4. Ted Cruz to argue Pennsylvania election results in front of the Supreme Court

5. at least just under three hundred thousand ballots illegal

Thank you Richard, M., Coram Deo, and MANY more. Please keep sending in anything that looks reasonable that shows what actually went on during the election that never ended.


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  1. 3 – Deleted Chinese Video Feat. on Tucker Carlson of CCP Expert on “Fixing” Trump Administration, Biden
    Must See Videos – Premiered 12 hours ago

    • A NAME TO REMEMBER: Di Dongsheng

      At 05:13 – You have a way with foreigners, you are better at fooling them… because they see how I fooled foreigners…

      And that little old Jewish lady of US-Israeli nationality with permanent residency in China… Who is that influential lady?

      And, the most important, he openly says they will use Joe Biden and Hunter as a form of blackmail to get what they want from the Biden administration.

  2. 3 – Slowly, our rug has been pulled out from beneath our continent. Canadian and the U.S. corruption of politicians, companies and bureaucrats has so inhibited us that we seem unable to run a clean election, or convict the corrupt. The enemy has used its advantage in slave wages, industrial espionage, and a comprehensive attack plan to undermine the us. We have slept while they have stealthily waged war. We cannot afford four years of aTrump absence from the Presidency.

    • “unable to run a clean election, or convict the corrupt.”

      Exactly! They couldn’t have more proof of corruption than the videotape of Biden boasting about extorting the Ukrainian government over firing the Burisma prosecutor, but they didn’t do anything about it, did they… Hillary would have done hard time for murdering the President of Libya, lying to the American people, criminal malfeasance in Bengazi, and mishandling classified documents if she had not been a high-ranking Party Member. All power to the Politburo!

      We’re all in big trouble here. The department of Justice is clearly in the pocket of the Democrats as is the FBI and who knows who else. They’ve got us all on the ropes, they have. This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany when everything belonged to “The Pary” and individuals mattered not at all. That’s Fascism, folks, and we seem to be entering into it with our eyes firmly shut…

      • We are in big trouble. Trouble enough to panic, except this accomplishes nothing. And running away would be wonderful except this would be neglecting our duty to our country, and there is no known place to hide. Quite the pickle we’re in. All that’s left is to stay and fight.

        • The horrible irony is that there isn’t really that much to fight about. Most of the leftist rage is manufactured BS. Racism is way better now than ever before. White supremacy is dead. Gays don’t get hassled by the cops anymore. Women have most of the good jobs and make the most money. Trump didn’t start any wars. The Third World is rising out of poverty at record speed…

          The only reason we are looking at this coming “civil war” is that a bunch of sneaky Bolshevik bastards has done a psychological propaganda covert number on us and driven us out of our minds with conflicting lies and constant gaslighting. There is no reason we should be thinking about an effing civil war. It’s ridiculous. Why? But we are…


    I believe this encapsulates the entire picture of what we are living through at this time. Nothing else really matters other than this. Just as it was obvious in 1937 that Hitler and the Japanese Imperialists wanted to attack the world and make them the central figures in a new world order, it is obvious today that China is very much determined to do the same thing to our world. And it is also obvious that we have our heads just as firmly thrust into the sand as we did back in the Chamberlain days…

    They’ve just gotten rid of their worst enemy, Donald Trump, and are now looking forward to working with a President who they obviously have enough dirt on to send to Fort Leavenworth for life – along with his illustrious son. There is absolutely no doubt that Joe Biden is thoroughly compromised by the Chinese government. They own him for sure…

    And they will continue to fund organizations, like BLM and The Southern Poverty Law Center, that press to make Westerners hate their own countries as they fret over climate change and transgender rights and the BS virus with the BS masks and find fault with every aspect of their own privileged lives and fill their heads with all manner of leftist BS as they drift toward civil war and irreparable internal division and hatred over nothing. And dictators have to continuously prove to their own people that democracy is a bad thing and that there’s no need for pro-democracy demonstrations at this time, then they show a video on the evening news of a left-wing A-hole burning an American flag and they say, “See?… Even the Americans hate their own country”…

    Until we figure out that we are in an actual world war with a gigantic powerful determined hostile nation we are going to keep losing every hand we continue to play. No fair… They know there’s a war and we apparently don’t.

  4. 3 – “Chinese Professor Reveals Plot in Shock Video: US Elites and China Have Teamed Up to Take Control Of America”
    Revolver – December 9, 2020

    Tweet Link:
    “I found it! It’s real!
    These are the photo of the book launch of #XiJingping’s book’s “The Governance of China” that #didongsheng talked about in this video (
    You can see the photo of a younger #didongsheng in one of the photos.”
    Jennifer Zeng – December 7, 2020 – Twitter

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