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8 Replies to “Tucker: This is the greatest threat to freedom worldwide, since WW2”

  1. I beg your pardon in advance for stupid questions, but how is it, exactly, that China is now open for business with their GDP moving along just fine? Did Covid-19 just go poof and disappear? Did they invent a miraculous vaccine that we don’t have? Are they just ignoring it while it kills millions and they have a pile of corpses a mile high that we don’t know about?

    None of the above. The obvious answer is that Covid-19 is not a real threat, and that all the videos we saw in the beginning were propaganda sent to create panic and justification for their agents to enforce economic destruction in all the West. Now, as we destroy ourselves, they eat popcorn and watch.


    • Don’t ever trust the official numbers coming out of China, cut them in half or at times by 3.4ths, China is an export economy and without the rest of the world buying they are exporting. Granted they have increased the production of and sales of Personal Protection Items but that isn’t enough to take up the slack created by the West not buying. Plus the Chinese Government has a bad debt crisis that makes our debt look small, The CCP owns the major share of all of their legal banks and they are in trouble from forced loans to CCP members who then smuggled the money into the west ans sent family members to look after the money. Even the semi-legal shadow banks are in trouble, and the small and medium seized companies and stores are going bankrupt at a scary rate.

      The US economy is in trouble but if Trump can get a second term we will probably manage to pull out of the crisis. China is in more trouble and it is unlikely they will manage to pull out of their economic problems.

      This is another reason to keep Biden out of the White House, Trump will keep the pressure on China, Biden will do all he can to help China and hurt the US.

      • I have had a few Chinese friends in the past and they don’t get flues as badly as the rest of us because almost all flues come from that region and they have more immunity than we do. They get a sore throat and some sniffles while I’m dying in bed, soaked in sweat, shivering, and coughing my guts out for weeks. Also, most of the COVID-19 deaths in our countries happen to obese old people with co-morbidities and there are very few obese Chinese. It’s probably no big deal over there. The whole thing is just as phony as climate change and rape culture. We are living in an age of great bullshit…

  2. This blog has achieved herd immunity. There are no collectivist on it. And these who do come with such simplistic comforts, are bleached by reality. Cured from the infections that controlled their emotions and appetites to think their thoughts were miraculously generated by divine inspiration. Fear, anger and resentment – all take over minds to become controlling, judgemental and self-limitating. Easily offended. That they had become their thoughts. Words are their bibles. Blasphemy outlawed.

    A woman here, speaks to all women on why they cannot be rabbis:

    The truth is, real women rabbis (not those library-book fakes), already exist:

  3. Where there’s smoke…..,
    there’ll be a Fire somewhere, and if not extinguished there and then, it will become quickly a all-consuming conflagration.

    China should never count the bear’s skin before it is hatched: oh no.

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