ANTIFA meets resistance, more proof of vote fraud and more: Links 2, December 7, 2020

1. When you actually fight back against ANTIFA there isn’t much there

Youtube appears to have restricted this because the left gets their arse handed to them. Funny how many videos of ANTIFA attacking patriots are just fine though.

Here it is below:

2. 3rd ballot stuffer IDd

3. There is more to the tasing of Randy Hillier’s son in Perth On.

A new video has been released that shows sons of MPP Randy Hillier engaging in an altercation with OPP officers over a mask dispute at a Perth, Ontario Bar. The video shows the two men resisting arrest, shoving the OPP officers. This ultimately resulted in the men being tasered by police.

Hillier claims that the his sons were not wearing a mask due to a medical condition and explained his thoughts on Twitter. “The crime, my sons friend went to the bar to order a beer wasn’t wearing a mask. the owner of the Arrow pub called the cops. My sons stood up & explained their friend is exempt from mask wearing, they’re both in jail”

4. Chrystia Freeland implies Israel is an ‘authoritarian,’ ‘anti-democratic’ regime

(Totally unlike Trudeau’s Canada of course)

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland proclaimed Canada’s opposition to “authoritarian” and “anti-democratic” regimes when asked about why the Canadian government has refused to support Israel at the United Nations on Thursday.

Freeland’s comments were made during question period upon being questioned by Conservative MP Michael Chong.

“Last year, the Liberals broke with Canadian policy in pursuit of a UN Security Council seat,” Michael Chong stated, noting that Canada won six fewer votes than during Canada’s previous attempt at the seat. Chong called it “a damning indictment of this government’s foreign policy.”

Canada suffered an embarrassing defeat back in June in its bid to secure a UN Security Council seat. Canada was beaten by Ireland and Norway, who each secured 20 and 22 more votes than Canada respectively.

5. Muslim woman wearing headscarf devastates memorial for the Viennese victims of the Islamist terrorist attack – allegedly the woman is “mentally ill” (VIDEO)

All of Europe mourned the victims of the Islamist terrorist attack in Vienna. Hundreds expressed this mourning by laying candles for the victims on the spot, leaving a veritable sea of lights. But a Turkish woman was probably affected by completely different feelings: she went rioting across the memorial on Sunday and simply kicked over the lovingly placed candles of the mourners!

On Sunday, the Viennese police were called into Vienna’s Seitenstettengasse street for a disturbing incident. Wearing a long coat, a face mask and a headscarf, the 56-year-old Turkish woman stormed into the sea of lights on Sunday morning, which hundreds of mourners commemorated the four victims of the Islamic terrorist.
Videos show the Turkish woman kicking around, knocking over the candles and rioting at the sad place of the terror attack.

(Translators are looking at the video now)

Thank you FAM., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, M., EB., and all who sent in materials today so far.

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4 Replies to “ANTIFA meets resistance, more proof of vote fraud and more: Links 2, December 7, 2020”

  1. 1 – The demonstrators who are easily defeated are under the command of the trained people. The trained people are careful to not commit any crimes and to avoid identification these are the people who will turn to terror attacks when Trump wins. Or if Biden wins they are the people who will be the Cadre for the groups that will start going after Trump supports.

  2. Tik Tok video on Hillier’s sons fits in with Perth chatter on what transpired. According to those in the area, the two men had been drinking at at least one other local bar before the Arrow. Arriving with some degree of intoxication, the two with a friend went around mask less to others in the bar. Owner of Arrow asked them repeatedly to leave, they did not, the OPP were called.
    We see the results in the video once Hillier’s sons were outside the bar. OPP by what is seen were completely justified in subduing these apparently inebriated men.
    Do agree with Hillier on masks. However, the manner of which his sons presented the case in the local bars was badly done.

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