Leftist Hypocrisy and election fraud: Links post 4, December 6, 2020

1. Not super sure about this. It sounds like Douggie is upset that the guy was doing well within the guidelines. But no matter what the reason is, NO ONE FORCED any of his customers to go to his restaurant. That is the part authorities won’t acknowledge. It is our risk to take. not theirs to take away. Like driving a car, or crossing a road, or buying hydroxychloroquine etc.

2. CNN on Smartmatic and Vista making machines to cheat elections. In 2006.

3. Mark Levin interviews a pro on election procedures and how fraud was likely committed. 6 minutes. (This is very good)

Whole show:

4. Takes one to know one. Well not really, we all knew the pope was a commie.

5. Its a buyer’s market for leftist hypocrisy

Thank you all who contributed to our collective effort this weekend.


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2 Replies to “Leftist Hypocrisy and election fraud: Links post 4, December 6, 2020”

  1. By embracing the Marxist agenda…..the government is putting lives at risk! In fact the death count is on their heads! That includes drug overdoses, suicides, cancelled and postponed surgeries, lost the will to live and just died! Et al!

  2. Dug is a bully who doesn’t like challengers. Therein, I believe, is the nexus between Ford the supposed conservative, and the Left. The lust for power supersedes ideology for the tyrant who discovers his inner tyrant. Ideology provides useful cover in the service of power, as does specious science. Beyond these levers only brutality serves the brute.

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