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11 Replies to “Brad Johnson election rigging update December 5 2020”

  1. Brad has been spectacularly wrong quite a few times , especially regarding how the Durham investigation was supposed to unfold with indictments in summer , the fall .. then nothing.

    Soooo … how about a link to the Italian news source in Rome ?

  2. That shoot-out in Germany always sounded bogus.

    And Gen. McInnerney[sp?] makes statements so extreme, he comes off like a superannuated loose cannon. He doesn’t substantiate his claims – ’cause they’re classified! – so it’s trust me, I know. Tantalizes conservatives desperate for good news, but it’s just noise.

    I’m going to riff off a thought exercise of J.E.Dyer:
    If the proof is utterly damning and involves the tippy-top echelons of Swamp (Executive, IC, The Blob), PTrump +/- DoJ may decide to deal with it as discreetly as possible.

    Bring it to the Transition team of the {v o m i t} “Prez-Elect” at one of their routine intel briefings. Lay it out in spades – names, timelines, organizational charts of who reports to whom. Absolute proof that they are dead in the water.

    ~ Perhaps Gen. Flynn can present it to them more effectively than anyone else on earth. ~

    We’re unlikely to learn the whole story.
    We won’t ever be satisfied that justice has been done.

    But if certain accommodations are made, we just might avoid civil war and survive as a country.

  3. Brad,
    I fully agree with you that pursuing the legal avenue is probably a losing approach for the Trump team even though massive voting fraud is apparent.

    Uness the Trump team can “persuade” some of the guilty to suddenly confess , Trump is left with two options , walk away or use a drastic tactic using the 2018 EO regarding election interference.

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