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4 Replies to “Explanation of the stunning video of voter fraud on a grand scale and with unimpeachable evidence”

  1. Government employees do not live like the rest of society. Equal Outcomes. The end justifies the means. There is no competition for excellence. They vote Socialism. The Deep State has grown around you. .

  2. the gateway pundit – Crooked Operative Filmed Pulling Out Suitcases of Ballots in Georgia IS IDENTIFIED

    We now have identified one of these criminals who were caught on video counting illegal ballots from a suitcase stashed under a table!

    As you can see from the video one woman in a purple top was filmed helping pull out the ballots and then sitting down to count the ballots.

    That woman has now been identified.

    Local 11 News covered the story from the State Farm Arena that a pipe had burst.
    (This later was proven to be complete fraud and an excuse to kick out the GOP election observers!)

    The woman in the purple made a mistake and left her purse on her desk advertising her business.

    Her name is Ruby Freeman.

    And she made the mistake of advertising her purse on her desk the same night she was involved in voter fraud on a MASSIVE SCALE.

    Her T-shirt says “Lady Ruby” and her purse says, “LaRuby” which is her company.
    This was not a very smart move.

    Her company is called “LaRuby’s Unique Treasures.”

    It’s on her LinkedIn page!

    more :


  3. the gateway pundit


    […] earlier today video was released of Democrat operatives removing GOP observers on election night and then pulling out SUITCASES FULL OF BALLOTS to steal the Georgia election from Donald Trump!

    Governor Kemp Calls on Secretary of State Raffensperger to Call for a “Signature Audit” in the State

    Tonight crooked Governor Brian Kemp from Georgia told Laura Ingraham he is calling on his derelict Secretary of State to call for a “Signature audit” of the votes.

    He was willing to allow the fraud to slide until today’s video.

    Kemp is either caught up in this scandal or he is extremely weak.

    twitter @kylenabecker

    GA Gov. Kemp is calling on Sec. of State Raffensperger to call for a *SIGNATURE AUDIT* of votes.

    Kemp appeared on The Ingraham Angle in the wake of damning security cam footage that showed poll workers in Fulton County illegally processing ballots with no observers.



    video on dailymotion




  4. The ‘Kraken’.

    It makes one wonder what happened during that time period in the other states and precincts when ballot counting suddenly shut down at 10h00 pm. Did people sneak back in?

    Also, someone gave them that camera footage last night.

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