US Election related items 1 for November 29, 2020

1. Sidney Powell’s 30 claims of voter fraud in Georgia

2. Up to 1.2 Million votes could have been altered in Pennsylvania, evidence could overturn 3 states

3. An analysis on how Dominion election fraud company’s servers in Germany may have been accessed by enemies of the US. (I have no idea how accurate any of the video below is, or how reliable the analyst is. Take it with salt. But at this point…)

4. Powell Suit Asks Court for Immediate Order to De-certify Georgia’s Election Results

Attorney Sidney Powell has asked a federal court to urgently order Georgia’s officials to de-certify the Nov. 3 election results and preserve forensic data on the voting machines while the lawyer challenges the integrity of the state’s votes.

Powell on Friday filed a motion asking for immediate injunctive relief arguing that the plaintiffs would suffer irreparable harm if election officials from Union County were not blocked from wiping forensic data from voting machines and resetting the count back to zero. Union County officials informed the plaintiffs that machines would be reset on Nov. 30.

Meanwhile, the attorney also argued an injunction to de-certify the election results or to block the transmission of the certification of the state’s election results is necessary in order to preserve the status quo while her case plays out in court.

“The low costs to Defendants and high potential harm to Plaintiffs make this a case with a substantial net harm that an immediate and emergent injunctive relief can prevent. Therefore, it is respectfully requested that the Court grant Plaintiffs’ Motion,” the motion states (pdf).

5. New Lawsuit Asks Wisconsin Supreme Court to Declare All Drop-Box Ballots Illegal and Block Certification

A new lawsuit filed with the Wisconsin Supreme Court seeks to block the state from certifying the election results, arguing that all ballots cast via drop boxes are illegal and should be discarded, and if such ballots cannot be reliably identified for rejection, then the state legislature should nominate its own slate of presidential electors.

The lawsuit complaint, filed on Nov. 27 on behalf of Wisconsin voter Dean Mueller (pdf), argues that the Plaintiff’s right to a “safe, free, secure and transparent presidential election” was violated “in that his vote has been diluted by the counting of thousands of illegal votes placed in illegal ballot drop boxes across the State of Wisconsin.”

The suit says over 500 ballot drop boxes were installed in 72 counties in the state in violation of the law, arguing the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) did not have the authority to approve their use. The commission’s endorsement of drop-box use amounted to enacting a new elections law, the suit argues, noting that the U.S. Constitution accords such power only to Congress or state legislatures.

Thank you Richard, Johnny U., EB., M., and all who sent in materials tracking what could be one of the most important events in world history. The stealing of the election of the leader of the most powerful nation in the history of the world, on behalf of warmongering globalists.


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  1. 3 – Mcinernry is a good man and his information is very good, I have never heard him say anything that can’t be backed up but a lot of evidence. JE Dyer wrote an article about how Trump was transferring/firing a bunch of people connected to the military an intel units. He was replacing them with personal who all have long term Spec Ops experience often coupled with long term intel experience.

    The Unit Name Kraken Krew and the Unit insignia fits with what a Cyber Spec Ops Unit would be doing.

    If the info is real we may never learn anymore about what happened, the Special Operates are real good at keeping their mouths shut.

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