By going missing, the VP of Dominion Vote rigging software is the most honest person in this post: Links 2, November 28, 2020

1. The weather in Paris is normal today. Cool with chemical fog. Funny how the Paris climate accords never include a demand for reduction of tear gas, which seems to be a major component of the atmosphere over there.

2. CNN broadcast from election night shows 20,000 votes for President Trump vanishing all of a sudden

3. VP of Dominion Voting Fraud Inc. is missing.

4. BBQ restaurant owner forbidden from using social media.

Because somehow I guess he might serve food over the net?

5.  This is extra creepy and suspicious. For anyone who doesn’t know how this works, they take a background picture or video, then make sure everything is a solid colour, (used to be green) behind the foreground, then software can make the colour go away and you see just whats left superimposed over the background you pick. In this case, Ontario Premiere Ford’s head is on top of a suit for some reason. What we can say is, when he said this stuff, he did not want you to know where he really was, and wanted you to think he is where it looks like it is. If you look at the neck carefully you will see the artifacts made by this process.

6. A quick and easy barometer of just how totally full of excrement Facebook actually is.

Thank you ALL who participated on and in this forum in any way.

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2 Replies to “By going missing, the VP of Dominion Vote rigging software is the most honest person in this post: Links 2, November 28, 2020”

  1. 3)
    If that is not an admission of illegal and treasonous Activities by Dominion then what is?
    I wonder how the weather is in China or North Korea right now?

    • One of Soros outfits had an office next to Dominion, it has also closed down and from what I read destroyed all of their paperwork. The people who think they will get away with running are running. The Dem political operatives are pretty much stuck, only the big wigs will have money enough to run to other nations and they are having to wait until they see how the Court Cases turn out. If the evidence is strong enough (His running says it is) and SCOTUS follows the law (5 of them will probably follow the law) then the High Ranking Dem politicians and political operatives will be considering running. I don’t know that they will but some of them should, Treason carries a death penalty and they have committed text book Treason.

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