Five items suggesting something rotten in the Swing States for Biden

1. Judge Hands President Trump A Swing State Victory – Donald Granted A Chance In Court To Overturn Results In Nevada

In Nevada, the Trump legal team just scored a significant court win that could actually change the outcome in the blue state. From MSN:

In its first court victory, a Nevada judge has agreed to let the Trump campaign present its evidence that fraud and illegalities plagued the state’s election, enough to reverse Joe Biden’s win and set an example for other state challenges.

Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tweeted out the major update:

BIG news in Nevada: a Judge has allowed NV Republicans to present findings of widespread voter fraud in a Dec. 3rd hearing. Americans will now hear evidence from those who saw firsthand what happened—a critical step for transparency and remedying illegal ballots. Stay tuned.

That doesn’t sound like a team ready to throw the towel in yet. Many people on the ground are signing affidavits swearing they saw some major problems on the ground.

And finally one of these blue states is pausing their rush to certify the election and move on, instead being willing to listen to the evidence.

2. This looks like an interesting document

I was an electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence. I have extensive experience as a white hat hacker used by some of the top election specialists in the world. The methodologies I have employed represent industry standard cyber operation toolkits for digital forensics and OSINT, which are commonly used to certify connections between servers, network nodes and other digital properties and probe to network system vulnerabilities.

3. What a great question:

4. More Miracles for Biden


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3 Replies to “Five items suggesting something rotten in the Swing States for Biden”

  1. ITEM 2: Highly interesting. And then… on page 13, highlighted in yellow.

    I am so much more confident Donald Trump will overturn the election. However, time is the problem. The evidence is massive for SCOTUS to consider and the writing of their opinion cannot be done in a few days.

    What happens if the SCOTUS ruling is announced just prior to January 20? All hell breaks loose.

    • If you listen to the Dems who are currently leading that party if Biden isn’t elected all hell will break loose, and if he is elected they will start a policy of punishment of all Trump supporters. You want a peaceful return to the rule of law and they want to destroy the US and all who oppose them.

  2. Rudy is using logic and facts, both of these confuse the liberals and a good part of the people who were educated in the modern educational system.

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