Evidence that China and Iran controlled vote data while on servers in Germany, Loathsome Canadian elite hypocrisy: Links 4, November 27, 2020

1. Digital Forensic Analysis Shows Dominion’s Server Connected to Iran and China: Affidavit

A digital forensic analysis by a former military intelligence analyst whose name was redacted in an affidavit accompanying attorney Sidney Powell’s lawsuit against Michigan officials, claims to present “unambiguous evidence” that Dominion Voter Systems servers were accessible to and were “certainly compromised by rogue actors, such as Iran and China.”

Powell’s complaint, filed on Nov. 25 against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and the Michigan Board of State Canvassers, cites the affidavit (pdf) as authored by a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence and purporting to show that “the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020.”

2. Joe Biden’s Moderate Mask Slips Off – He Just Admitted He’s Planning To Execute A “Very Progressive Agenda”

From the very start of Joe Biden’s campaign for president, we’ve questioned who was really in charge.

Biden has repeatedly promised to be “everyone’s” president. But his actions show he cares little about connecting with most Americans.

The moderate Democrat continues to veer more and more left. Since “winning” the election, his decisions on staff picks only confirms that.

Now, he admits that he wants to push an agenda that few will like:

During an interview aired on Tuesday’s broadcast of “NBC Nightly News,” Joe Biden said that he isn’t taking nominating Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) off the table for Cabinet positions, but noted that there already is “significant representation among progressives in our administration,” and that his “very ambitious, very progressive agenda,” will require  “really strong leaders in the House and Senate to get it done.”

I’m sure plenty of Americans picked Biden because they thought he would be a moderate who could bring Republicans and Democrats together.

3. ‘We won’t force vaccine; but here’s what we will do’

Health Ministry Director claims vaccines won’t be forced, but Dr. Eyal Zimlichman tells Knesset committee ‘they’ll understand themselves.’

Although Health Ministry Director Hezy Levy yesterday insisted to reporters that “we won’t force people to take a vaccine. Israeli law doesn’t allow for it,” speaking before the Special Knesset Coronavirus Committee chaired by MK Yifat Shasha-Biton, Sheba Medical Center Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Eyal Zimlichman listed measures that are being planned to “maneuver” the population into vaccinating as a way of regaining freedom of movement.

The issue of how to “motivate” vaccine compliance has generated increasing interest, with commentators such as Mike Cernovich writing: “Government won’t force you to take vaccine. Amazon will. Airlines will. Banks will. You won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine.”

As if underscoring Cernovich’s words, Dr. Zimlichman told the committee: “Another thing that will apparently come into our lives, starting in small numbers already in January which is soon, and that’s the vaccine.

“If we’re discussing how to create motivation for Israeli citizens to vaccinate, I agree, you can’t force the population; it won’t work. We can talk about it until tomorrow, it won’t work.

“What is possible is to create motivation. Whoever is vaccinated will automatically receive ‘green status’. Therefore, you may vaccinate, and receive Green Status to go freely in all the green zones: They’ll open for you cultural events, they’ll open to you the shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants.

“You may decide you’re not vaccinating, and if you do want to enter these areas you’ll need to submit to a PCR test, and therefore I believe people will understand by themselves that the vaccine will return them to regular life and they’ll vaccinate themselves, without our obligating them.

4. The Rebel on the dozens of police needed to close a BBQ in Toronto

The restauranteur makes a singularly good point at around 7:20. He quotes Ontario Premiere, Doug Ford who said something like: “Your sacrifices will be remembered”. These people are being sacrificed! In other words, they did not sign up to be destroyed. They did NOT make a sacrifice, they are being sacrificed FOR THE ELITE like Costco, Amazon, and Doug Ford’s mega-printing business. Its adding insult to injury to pretend they made a sacrifice as it would be for Jack the Ripper to say that to his victims.

5. More Canadian elite double standards:

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2 Replies to “Evidence that China and Iran controlled vote data while on servers in Germany, Loathsome Canadian elite hypocrisy: Links 4, November 27, 2020”

  1. 1 – The more evidence that comes out the more treason that is exposed, the Dems are not only staging a coup against the Constitution they are doing so with the help of our foreign enemies.

    2- The Propaganda Media have been lying by calling far leftists moderates, Biden is not only showing that he isn’t a moderate he is showing that the Propaganda Media has been lying to us for many Decades.

  2. 2. Joe Biden’s Moderate Mask Slips Off – He Just Admitted He’s Planning To Execute A “Very Progressive Agenda”

    I suspect that the Democrats will play it cool for the next few years and simply sail the ship quietly in the “right” direction, playing out the clock, while making as few waves as possible and giving everyone the impression that everything has returned to normal after being rid of the Bad Orange Man, nothing to see here, move along. They can be like a big crocodile and move plenty fast enough with just a small swish of their tail without making much of a splash with the respectfully cooperative Democrat media. And America will gradually become less “exceptional” and the China Axis will be the new grownups table in the New World Order that they are creating so quickly and so artfully.

    Meanwhile, Western nations will be indistinguishable from Caracas Venezuela and nobody will even take them seriously anymore at all, with their nightly car-burnings and their rigged elections and constant rioting as all the boys decide they are actually girls, worried about their panty-lines, and the girls just get angrier and harder to please and nobody can afford a house and there’s just no use anymore…

    They’ll sign the latest Climate change bullshit and impose carbon taxes, but the media won’t say much about it so it won’t be an issue. And they’ll quietly let as many millions of legal and illegal aliens into the country based solely on whether or not they’ll vote Democrat when they get here, and the media won’t mention that either or risk being called “extreme right wing” if they dare.

    Hell, the US might have already moved into the phase where the Democrats are the only Party that ever holds power because the demographic has been successfully manipulated to the point that the Democrats just can’t lose an election from this point onward. Like, if the Democrat election officials themselves can’t be trusted not to stuff Republican ballots in the trash-burner all is pretty much lost democracy-wise. What can you do if half the country decides to go criminal on you? How can one negotiate with people who routinely lie, cheat, and steal? Hell, they let thousands die over the slander of hydroxychloroquine and that was over nothing but personal spite. Like the Soviet Union, Red China, Iran, and North Korea, the Democrats are just another criminal party striving to take over for good and reap all the profits for themselves and their families, just like Hunter Biden and “The Big Guy”… There’s a funny skit that Saturday Night Live won’t ever do. A hilarious new sitcom called, “Hunter and the Big Guy”.

    The enemy is at the gates, folks. Wake the fu*^ up…

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