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6 Replies to “Black Pigeon Speaks on Biden, the Swamp, Foreign policy and Hungary with the Visigrad Four”

  1. Yes, a Biden administration would be a bigger problem than the Obama one for the V4, and that was no picnic. Running into Putin’s arms isn’t much of an option either. Divine intervention, however, will usurp the Globalist position for the simple reason that evil cannot, and will not, prevail.

    • There are law suits in 4 states Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Georgia if we can get the election overturned in Pennsylvania, and Georgia Biden is below the 270 electoral votes needed. I don’t know if that will put Trump over the top but it would be enough to throw the election to Congress and unless they chicken out (always possible) this will reelect Trump and Pence.

      The second option is to get battleground state legislatures to send their own slate of electors to DC, then the decision must be made which slate to allow to vote. Rudy’s cations and some statements says he thinks they may work.

      Then there is Sydney Powell’;s lawsuit over Dominion, if she wins in 1 state it invalidates the vote in 28 states and the election is up to Congress to decide.

      I don’t know which if any is going to happen, if non of the above happen it is up to the People to either surrender or revolt. I think there are enough who recognize what is going to happen under Biden that they will force a revolution instead of surrendering and waiting until.everyone is ready for a revolt. By then it would be too late, that is why I think it will happen early on.

    • All of what Richard said PLUS divine intervention.

      The V-4, India, and Israel are all praying for the same thing. That’s a smorgasbord of religions, everything’s covered.

  2. Black Pigeon is right on target with the content of this video. I have been to the Visegrad 4 countries many times over the past few years and have good friends there. It is as he says. These people have pride in their culture, love their country and have worked hard to take their place in the “free” world. They have done an amazing job since 1989. Everyone has horror stories from their families about living under communist diktat. So, they treasure their freedoms unlike many Americans who are taking a strange backward journey toward censorship and crushing totalitarianism. This journey will not end well.

    • No it will not end will, we are witnessing the fall of Western Civilization and a probable return to tribalism where the rule of one law for everyone is limited to the dominate tribe and their friends. This result won’t happen quickly but it will happen as the left continues to fight to establish their neo feudal system of government. I can see several different end results but non of them have us return to the old normal.

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