Some election fraud updates

1. 700,000 more ballots counted than mail in ballots sent out. Something seems odd about that

2. One family testifies about being disenfranchised

3. More project Veritas busts:

4. Rudy Giuliani on Lou

5. Pennsylvania Judge Issues Injunction Against Certification of Election Results…

Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough issued an injunction [pdf available here] against certification of the 2020 presidential race pending a hearing scheduled for Friday. The judge’s decision also blocks the certification of all the other election results.

6. Another expert witness from today’s testimony

7. Twitter MUST lose its protection as a platform. Let the law suits pile up like prison laundry.

We will add updates as able till 10 items, or midnight.

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  1. Streisand Effect – When Twitter suspends an account, figure out why!
    He probably linked to today’s November 25, 2020 Gettysburg public hearing on election issues

    “The very Republic is at stake… We are going to find the truth and celebrate it…We are going to walk as free people in Pennsylvania. This is where it all started… This is our time to keep this Republic [referring to Ben Franklin’s 1789 advice].”

    The took place November 19, 1863 during the American Civil War, given by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln (without a teleprompter).

  2. It’s a matter of public record that Hillary Clinton committed numerous serious criminal offences with her email server and her classified documents as well as murdering Muammar Qaddafi and throwing the once-stable functioning nation of Libya into chaos, and we all saw Joe Biden on video committing the exact same crime that they wrongly impeached President Trump of as he bragged about extorting the Ukrainians for his own family’s personal profit. And we all saw as the Department of Justice did absolutely nothing about either case. What makes anybody think the Democrat FBI and DOJ are going to suddenly become legit and press charges against their own guy, “Joe Biden”?

    Haven’t you heard? They only arrest Republicans for stuff like that. Waiting for a “bombshell”? Waiting for something “big” from Giuliani? Well, they could have film of Biden murdering the Baby Jesus in a KKK robe and nothing would happen. It’s all rigged, or haven’t you heard…? We all know the election was fake and we all know the people who “investigate” that stuff are one and the same as the people committing the crimes and they’re sure as hell not going to indict themselves…

    The Democrats are a bunch of actual criminals and they have taken over the United States by nefarious means through their control of the media and a long list of others, as well as good old fashioned election fraud. Democracy only works if there is an underlying assumption of good faith negotiating and lawful behaviour by men of honour. You don’t wage “covert psychological warfare” against your own side – that’s called treason and is supposed to be reserved for the actual enemy. Things are never going to work out with the current crop of Democrats because they are all a bunch of corrupt unbelievably-hateful, probably foreign-funded, Kim Jung Uns and Joseph Stalins and they’re only gong to get worse from now on as they lead the US into becoming a Third World one-party dictatorship…

    White working-class non-university-educated white people. Isn’t that the same demographic that fought and won World War II – tradesmen and farmers and such? The ones who the Democrats call, “The Deplorables”? I think the Deplorables will be just fine in the end and, boy, will that ever piss the lefties off when they’re begging for financial aid like so many deluded grasshoppers when the money’s all been pissed away…

    Oh, and in “New America” it will be written in the Constitution that the government work force shall not be allowed to form work-withholding unions because, in the opinions of Franklin D Roosevelt and George S Meany, that gives the unions an unfair advantage and sovereignty over the state due to the essential nature of their jobs and the destruction that can be caused if they withhold their services when they don’t get their way. They always hold a gun to the nation’s head. The Teacher’s Union is called the “true base” of the Democrat Party and are the ones who actually volunteer and do the work of the party itself. The teachers are the Democrats as are pretty much every other government worker in the country…

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