Germany votes itself out of Democracy, effects felt immediately, as popular doctor is raided by police during Youtube Live stream

First watch this one carefully and pay attention, right to the end please.

Here is a short observation by Hellequin, the translator of the following clip:

This is how must have felt when peoples Home were raided during the Nazi Era.
I really did not expect to live in a time I only heard of from Family, School-teachers, Books and old Hollywood Movies.
I stand chastised……

And about this clip:

Dr. Andreas Noack is one of the most famous and popular experts when it comes to nutrition, nutrients and health.

Dr. Andreas Noack was rumored to be under investigation for not complying with German COVID-19 lockdown laws, but some speculate there could be more to it. The arrest came after the German Parliament passed the “Infection Protection Law’

The police raid during live Youtube broadcast:

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3 Replies to “Germany votes itself out of Democracy, effects felt immediately, as popular doctor is raided by police during Youtube Live stream”

  1. Why was I bickering with my Russian friend, I asked myself. It has come to the point where discussions on Covid-19 and all the rest are, well, contentious.

    I have concluded that our backgrounds matter. She came from communism. She was conditioned to accept and to deal with the obstacles to freedom by walking around them and getting on with life as best as possible. She was immersed in a completely corrupt and immoral political environment from birth. Cynicism was baked in.

    I grew up being told I could be anything I wanted, including Prime Minister. I was conditioned to demand rights and freedom. Cynicism took a back seat to the eternal spring of hope driven by opportunity.

    This is why we argue. Some among us are conditioned in school, particularly by higher education by teachers who have already lost their spirit. It is passed on like a disease. This is why there is not homogeneity to the protesting demographic. Conditioning dictates how we interpret the same facts and events. It is subtle and immense. The red pill requires the spark of spirit to still be in the host.

  2. I once complained to my Moscow-born friend about seasonal depression. “You Americans don’t know what is depression,” she guffawed. “We walked around with it every day.”

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