Communism, Islam, and election issues: Links 2, for November 20, 2020

1. Communist and muslim leaders explain why we have to give up all our freedoms and the fruits of our labour so they can get the future they want


2. Chinese missile launch in South China Sea

3. Orange County Police not responding to rat out calls on masks and parties

4. Yeah ok sure. But what about peace in the middle east? And didn’t he promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem? Oh wait yeah…

5. Covid

6. Trudeau explains that Christmas is right out of the question. When is Ramadan I wonder?

(It would be fun to see a list of other religious occasions that are seemingly unaffected that occur between now and end of January. Recently in a part of Toronto that is mostly Indian, Duwali enjoyed a lot of festivals and fireworks all over the area. Things will likely be fine by sundown April 12, 2021 though. I think thats a safe bet.)

7. The United Nations and the Origins of “The Great Reset”

(A worthy read)

8. So quarantine for journalists, only if you cover Trump rally?

9. Devin Nunes on the facade of victory of the Biden camp

Thank you ALL who sent in materials for this post, and all posts this week.



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15 Replies to “Communism, Islam, and election issues: Links 2, for November 20, 2020”

  1. So Trudeau the moron says whatever
    People with any smarts just ignore this bull and do whatever
    Celebrate Christmas big time
    Dinners, travel, family, friends
    Presents and great times

    And plan spring vacations in the carribean

    • Caribbean
      Cant wait

      Anybody who believes and follows the government directives or those of the so called medical liars
      Deserves to be lonely and depressed

  2. 6 – Related

    “Under the Biden lockdown, there will be no school, no Christmas and no future for America’s youth” Donald J Trump – October 30, 2020

  3. 7-
    “…But Mr. Schwab, a single world culture, you say? Does this not also mean a single human race and colour? A single language? A single political party? Religion? Conforming music and other forms of art? What happened to our ‘diversity’ being our strength, or was this a ruse? Are you saying diversity of opinion is the real enemy? Are you not just another arrogant collectivist who believes he can do communism better this time? Even though you know the subsuming of the individual for the collective is wrong for humans? –So you want to alter the human to conform to a system of control because you know it doesn’t work the other way around? Won’t you admit that this tyranny of health care during this pandemic is really about power and has nothing to do with altruism? Are you in fact too weak to compete in an honest world, so have hidden behind a curtain of half-baked intellectualism like a Wizard of Oz, only to have your curtain pulled back now that you have come out of your little closet? Did you steal your accent from Blofeld?”

    “Dear sir, it is you who haff unvittingly entrusted too much power to zee technology monopolies. We uff zee left have merely shown zem see vay to power beyond zeir dreams, unt zey haff agreed to join us.”

    It was then that Klaus’s little robotic pet dog, who had been sitting quietly in his lap, turned and bit off his testicles.

    The end.

  4. I was disappointed to see what appeared to be support by Vlad concerning Trump’s executive order concerning lowering drug prices by posting #4. At least I would hope Vlad would have presented a market alternative to this executive order. For me, I advocate legalizing drugs, all drugs. However, I completely understand that the path to liberty is paved in inches. In ths instance, patient centered health care would be a better answer. Medicare D patients should have control of the assets for their drug coverage and be able to spend money in their control as they see fit. Price controls reminds me of Nixon’s attraction to price controls. Of course the left is much worse. But is that where we are now? Fleeing the market less and advocating greater government control over drug prices for seniors, or fleeing the market even more like the left wants? Cannon offers the following, but I hope to find a better, more enriched, and timely advocacy of the market concerning this latest executive order:

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