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10 Replies to “Rigged Software stole about 7 MILLION votes”

  1. No Time for Quislings

    This is what scares me.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘I think we need more than $500 billion’ for COVID-19 relief package
    10 Tampa Bay – November 18, 2020
    South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham spoke to reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday (11/18). Graham spoke briefly, and urged President Trump to give President-Elect Biden security briefings, before pivoting to talk about ongoing negotiations on a coronavirus stimulus package.

    • I’m on this page:

      “If these charges are false, their careers are finished. If defamation lawsuits get launched — and I don’t see how Dominion has any choice but to file them, or go bankrupt — Sidney Powell could lose her house and her license to practice law. She’d be a pauper. The same is true of Ellis, Giuliani, and anyone else on the president’s team. But only if the charges are unsupported and untrue.”

      AND one guy tonight gave me a very good reason to quit FOX News and Tucker Carlson:


    • Unproven allegations not supported by facts.

      Until they are supported by facts and evidence before a judge or, better yet, judges in the name of the SCOTUS, freedom’s final bus stop

      In the news conference tell only what is commonly known to both sides. Like every litigation. The rest is for court, lest counter-arguments be inadvertently provided.

  2. Kelli Ward EXPOSES Dominion Voting Software

    AZGOP Chairwoman peels back the curtains to EXPOSE Dominion Voting Software!

    We demand an Election Audit.

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