Five more items on election fraud on November 19, 2020

1. Senior US military staff are saying that Obama retasked CIA weapons made to steal elections in other countries, to get rid of Trump as president.

2. Giuliani presser November 19, 2020

3. Lawyer Who Represented Trump in Pennsylvania Placed Under Protection After ‘Threats of Harm’

Judge allows attorney Linda Kerns to withdraw from case

A Philadelphia lawyer who had represented the Trump campaign was placed under official protection after receiving “threats of harm,” according to court papers that were filed Wednesday night.

The attorney, Linda Kerns, was “the subject of threats of harm, to the point at which the involvement of police and US Marshals has been necessary to provide for her safety,” the filing stated (pdf.)

Judge Matthew Brann also allowed Kerns to be “withdrawn as counsel” for the Trump campaign, according to a court filing.

Earlier this week, Kerns sought sanctions against a lawyer working for a law firm representing Democratic Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar after she received harassment and a threatening phone call over the weekend in connection to her representation of President Donald Trump’s campaign.

4. Every state also used these methods of cheating

5. Louie Gohmert

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  1. 1 – This information shouldn’t surprise any of the regular readers, he is also one of the many reasons that Biden and Company will not get the military to turn on President Trump.

    3 – This shows what we can expect no matter who is declared the winner of the election, the left thinks they are close to seizing total control of the US and are going to use violence to ensure that they get that control. Or use violence to punish us for not letting them seize total control of the US.

    Things are going to get nasty and it won’t take the 20 years that Brad Johnson talked about before people start fighting back.

      • Had some tests at the VA then had to set for hours waiting for the second appointment. I’m not sick enough to worry about.The Doctors think they have discovered what is causing most of my problems and we are addressing what they found.

        My Father lived to be 86, I figure I have 10 to 20 years beyond that, I’m 74.

      • Had a little drama at the VA, while I was waiting a man stormed out of the ER and marched towards the exit, the police arrived shortly afterwards and quickly followed. Later I got to talk to an ER nurse and the man had hit her in the head with a wheelchair before storming out. She wasn’t hurt but was wanting a club and 5 minutes with the man.

        Consider the guts of the people working in the VA, there are probably no more then 1 or 2% of their patients who aren’t well trained in violence. I told the nurse she was gutsy working there knowing her patients were trained killers. She laughed and said that she hadn’t thought of the vets that way before but her father was a combat vet and she was use to being around vets so she wasn’t worried.

        I also learned that a fairly large percentage of the people working at the VA won’t openly talk about the masks and the other precautions but from their other actions they think that the entire reaction is overblown.

        I wish we didn’t have to stay apart most of the time we are in the VA, I miss being able to find out what the other vets are thinking about the election.

    • Foreign-controlled entities obviously ignorant of the high bar for defamation in the US. So long as a side believes its contention, US courts will find no slander or libel.

    • What do we make of the vehement, footnoted denial?
      “There have been no “raids” of Dominion servers by the U.S. military or otherwise, and Dominion does not have servers in Germany. CISA has refuted this claim on Twitter, and the U.S. Army has also confirmed to the Associated Press that it’s false.”
      …. begging the question as to where the servers exist and whether (according to the wiki I saw a few days ago) data gets transmitted in plain sight, without encryption.

    • the gateway pundit – “Should Be Scads of Evidence of Frankly an International Criminal Conspiracy” – WOW! – ATTORNEY SIDNEY POWELL on Confiscated Servers in Germany (VIDEO)

      Later this evening Sidney Powell joined Lou Dobbs and was asked again about the SCYTL raid in Germany.

      Sidney elaborated on the incident.

      Lou Dobbs: There have been great controversy as you know about the reports on a raid on a company SCYTL in Germany which held election data presumably… Can you tell what actually did happen there and what you do know?

      Sidney Powell: Well I know that is one of the server centers. There is also one in Barcelona. So it is related to the entire Smartmatic-Dominion operation. We do not know whether the good guys got the servers or whether the bad guys go them. Being on the outside of the government we simply don’t know. I’m hoping it’s the good guys and if they have that then there should be scads of evidence of frankly an international criminal conspiracy of the worst sort.

      Lou Dobbs: And the presumption then is that they had the records on those servers of all of the votes that were processed by Dominion or Smartmatic.

      Sidney Powell: Yes, the way it works is either the votes can be changed on the ground as they come in. People can watch the votes stream in live. For example there was a Dominion employee, high up, at the Detroit Center on the night of the election. He could have watched the votes come in live and manipulated them in that process. It could have run an automatic algorithm against all the votes which we believe is what happened originally and then the machines had to stop and the count had to stop in multiple places because President Trump’s lead was so great at that point that they had to stop the vote counting and come in and backfill the votes they needed to change the results.

      Powell promised earlier today she would NOT back down.
      And she was not playing!

    • Lord Malloch Brown Revealed: The British Hand Behind The US Election Coup Attempt Shows Its Scales Again

      Now that it has become increasingly clear that mass election fraud has swept across the USA in an effort to accomplish what four years of Russiagate failed to achieve, yet another light has fallen upon the British hand behind Biden which aims to dissolve any nationalist spirit remaining in the embattled republic.

      As I outlined in my last report, the largest private computer voting system in the USA which services 30 states and 70 million voters was shown to be at the heart of the current election theft. In that article, it was made clear that Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company which dominates the USA’s private computerized voting systems and is closely tied to another larger company called Smartmatic.

      For those still out of the loop, Smartmatic furnishes voting machines and its software (backdoor codes and all) to governments all around the world and is highly enmeshed with the Clinton Foundation, Soros’ Open Society and Nancy Pelosi’s very own Chief of Staff.

      Not only that, but the key figure controlling Smartmatic is none other than Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a former vice chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds (2007), as well as Soros’ Open Society Institute and World Economic Forum, former Vice President at the World Bank (1995-1999), UN Administrator for Development (1999-2005), UN Deputy Secretary General and UK Minister of State for Africa, Asia and the UN (2007-2009). These are just a few hats he has worn in recent years which we will explore in greater detail.

      Hammer and Scorecard: Big Tech’s Drive to End Democracy


    • fails to explain, rather

      I don’t watch enough TV to know who she is, but here is a fair look, based on “her” wikipedia page. Her sexual improprieties may not be Borat-esque–only she and her husband know what got said and promised one New Year’s eve. Just as Mayor Giuliani was present to heal New York, she was “on the ground” and present to heal Virgina–or at least, report on it–after the VA Tech massacre.
      As a general assignment correspondent for the network, she covered a wide range of stories, including the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, where she was the first CNN correspondent on the ground.[7] In 2013, she spoke at the commencement ceremony for her alma mater.[8]

      During CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live on December 31, 2016, Brooke Baldwin announced that Keilar and Lujan had married the previous evening in Las Vegas.[14]


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