The Covid Con – A serious flu used as cover for a much darker agenda

1. A couple of articles on police raids in France on some of the principle people involved with Covid policies

The first one is from October 17, announcing the raids.

Homes of gov’t officials who presided over France’s lockdown raided, investigation ongoing

The enquiry commission of the Court of Justice of the Republic, which judges penal complaints against high-ranking government officials while in office, organized the raids as part of the investigations related to the officials’ handling of the COVID-19 crisis in the first months of this year. […]

Over 30,000 deaths, nearly half of which occurred in homes for the dependent elderly, were attributed in France to illness provoked by the Wuhan coronavirus. At the height of the epidemic, people with symptoms of COVID-19, the disease linked to the virus, were asked to stay at home and fight fever symptoms with paracetamol, family doctors were prevented from prescribing treatment –including the commonly used hydroxychloroquine in association with azythromycine –?despite lower hospitalizations and death rates. Patients were only treated in hospital when in severe respiratory distress.


(This site has consistently been asking why HCQ, for which there is more than enough evidence to suggest it is a powerful tool against the disease, has been made impossible to get across the West. It is we think, a large part of the key to what is really going on. The answer of course is that the major policies coming our way, in part revealed by Trudeau as, “The Great Reset” would not be possible if we had a way to open up society again. HCQ was the answer, and that is why we are not allowed to have it under threat of Doctors losing medical licences and pharmacies ordered not to fill prescriptions if your doctor honoured their oath enough to offer it to you)

RT article from a couple of days earlier

2. Ontario Nurses’ Association calls for 28-day lockdown

The Registered Nurses’ association of Ontario is calling for a 28 day lockdown in the Province’s red zones, as hospitals near capacity across the GTA. Shauna Hunt speaks with one doctor who says our health system is on the verge of collapse.

(Three minute video at link above. The logic is terrifying in it and the questions asked all point to the solution they want)

3. Canadian military prepares to help with COVID-19 vaccine distribution

OTTAWA — The Canadian military says it is making plans to play a role in the eventual rollout of COVID-19 vaccines nationwide.

As positive news about potential vaccines continues to make headlines, there are already military teams “fully integrated” with the Public Health Agency of Canada on planning for what’s set to be a herculean effort: getting vaccines into the arms of millions of Canadians once Health Canada approves them.

During a House of Commons National Defence Committee meeting on Monday, Canadian Armed Forces Strategic Joint Staff Director of Staff Major Gen. Trevor Cadieu said the military will play a role in that effort.

(Let’s just hope its hanging speakers from trees that play wolf sounds to scare everyone into taking the vaccine rather than force us all.)

4. You know Trudeau is a new level of Evil for Canada if Tucker Carlson notices him.

Here is a link to FOX with Tucker’s clip including his reference to Vergano’s letter and Trudeau and Biden’s plot to use Covid to destroy freedom. A great quote: “No principle is universal, and no standard is evenly applied”.

5. The con which is the PCR test for Covid

6. California lawmakers head to Maui with lobbyists despite pandemic, travel warnings

(Ah the advantage of being an elite in a communist system! The world is your oyster and better, everyone else is the shell. There is an old Hollywood expression, “Its not enough that I win, its that I win and you lose. And its not enough that i win and you lose, its that i MADE you lose”. This could replace everything ever written on the nature of communism)

SACRAMENTO — The pandemic may have “canceled” 2020, but it did not derail an annual gathering of lobbyists and lawmakers on the shores of Maui that brought people from across the country to a luxury resort this week.

Roughly 100 people from four states converged at the Fairmont Kea Lani for a four-day legislative conference organized by the Independent Voter Project, said the group’s chair and executive director, Dan Howle. The 18th annual event was a third of its regular size, Howle said, but it still drew nearly 20 lawmakers from California, Texas and Washington state. The theme? How to reopen states’ economies amid the public health crisis.

7. CDC urges people to avoid singing at holiday gatherings

(Another whole layer of our culture scraped away in a single ultra-vires edict)

Americans who are hosting gatherings over the holiday season should encourage guests not to sing while inside and should shield their pets from interacting with guests from outside their household, according to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control.

The recommendations were included in a list of guidelines by the agency to help stop the spread of coronavirus as a second wave has spread like wildfire across the US as the holiday season approaches.

“Encourage guests to avoid singing or shouting, especially indoors. Keep music levels down so people don’t have to shout or speak loudly to be heard,” the CDC wrote in their considerations for hosting or attending a holiday gathering.

8. If a vaccine only allows you to work 3 days a week, then what does it actually do?

9. A doctor asks the most obvious and important question:

Thank you everyone who contributed to this, and all posts so far this week.

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