Mostly US election but other quasi related items as well: Links post 1, November 17, 2020

1. Fact checking. The new Interfaith

2. Great testimony from a participant in the 1.5 MILLION strong, million march for President Trump

3. What does a Liberal MP make?

4. Major Terror Attack Foiled as Indian Cops Arrest 2 Jaish-e-Mohammed Group Terrorists in Delhi

(There has been a significant uptick in the degree and nature of fighting between India and Pakistan recently. To find news links, please check the Daily Reader’s Links over the past couple of weeks, and especially posts by Wrath of Khan and Richard)

Indian security agencies along with state police have been on high alert since the beginning of the festive season in the country as terrorists tend to see it as an opportunity to target crowded places.

The Delhi Police have arrested two alleged terrorists and foiled a major terror strike planned around the festive season in the country.

Speaking to Sputnik, Deputy Commissioner of Police (special cell) Sanjeev Yadav revealed that the duo belong to Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed.

“On the basis of the information, a trap was laid near the Sarai Kale Khan area in Delhi and at around 10:15 pm, two suspects, who are residents of Jammu and Kashmir, were apprehended”, Yadav said.

(Crowded places? How does India get to have crowded places? Oh yeah! HCQ is available over the counter and even online across India! Right!)

5. Armenians set fire to homes before handing village over to Azerbaijan

CHAREKTAR, Azerbaijan (Reuters) – Still wearing the camouflage fatigues in which he had fought against Azeri forces a week earlier, Arsen, an ethnic Armenian, lit a fire on Saturday under his sister’s dining room table in the small village of Charektar.

As the flames took hold with the help of strips of cardboard, he used a wooden chair to smash the low-slung one-storey house’s windows and bed sheets to try to spread the blaze, which soon consumed the whole house.

6. Toronto Sun: AGAR: Schools permitting teachers to indoctrinate students

Is it the role of a teacher in public school to teach by encouraging curiosity, debate and research or to indoctrinate according to the teacher’s personal opinion?

When I have suggested that some teachers are indoctrinating students with a left-wing agenda I am invariably met with derision. “That’s just right-wing craziness,” I am told.

But sometimes evidence appears.

A Grade 7 student at William G. Davis Public School in Cambridge recorded 20 minutes of a class, in which the teacher is heard ranting on from issue to issue in declarative statements. No mention is made of an opportunity to support or refute the statements.

(As it happens, I have similar recordings from other schools in Ontario. If the permission comes to post them, I will.)

7. Lois Gohmert on the election data on servers in Germany

8. Alan Derschowitz explains some of the voter fraud and connections to Dominion Voting software to Clinton and Pelosi (47 minutes)

9. Democrats show their contempt for the 1st Amendment by demanding Facebook remove influential non-Lefitsts

10. A couple of videos showing more evidence of voter fraud

Thank you M., Richard, Johnny U., Kim F., Malca, Coram Deo, FAM., C., PC., and MANY more including translators like MissPiggy, Nash Montana, Hellequin GB., Tania Groth and many more as well.

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  1. 4 – China wants to keep harassing India but can’t do it in the mountains in the winter so they are having Pakistan step up the cross border shelling and increase the number of terror attacks. Partially this is just to keep India busy watching someone other then China and partially to get ready for when the US Presidential Election is decided. If Biden wins they wait until he is sworn in and then start seizing chunks of land from their neighbors and try to seize Taiwan before Japan, India and Australia can react. If it is Trump they wait until the rioting and terror attacks reach a high enough level to keep him from reacting and do the same thing.

    • Without the U.S. umbrella, Japan and Australia will do nothing. Even if PTrump were to put on the thumbscrews, they’d not extend themselves much. India’s boosting of the “Quad” is the usual wishful thinking propaganda.

    • India watches as we continue to tolerate the filthy Turk’s depredations everywhere. Arch-foe Pakistan is Turkey’s soul brother. There are more MB apologists in the USA and amongst our allies than there are friends of India. That’s only going to increase with time.

      Corporate media is almost as biased against India as it is against Israel. Only Russia is even-handed.

      Pompeo’s visit was a dud: “We’ll be your friend if you buy our expensive weapons that require long-term maintenance from us. If we don’t like what you’re doing with it, Congress will refuse spare parts and upkeep. By the way, nothing’s compatible with your Russian-sourced equipment.”

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