Covid, Trump, and Canada’s new order: Links 3, November 17, 2020

1. Ex-BBC Journalist considers taking some responsability for her role in the new totalitarian West

2. Babylon Bee is much closer to news than CBC, CNN etc.

3. BREAKING: Second Georgia County Finds Thousands More Votes, Majority Are For Trump

A second county in Georgia has found a memory card with thousands of votes that had not been uploaded into the system used in the state. The majority of the votes were for President Donald Trump.

“Gabriel Sterling in the Secretary of State’s Office describes what happened in Fayette County: There were votes that had been scanned and were on a memory card, but the issue was that they hadn’t been uploaded,” 11Alive News reported. “He said it was more easily discoverable than the issue in Floyd County, because they were able to see that the number of people who were checked in on the early voting file in Fayette was higher than the number of people there was in the county’s reported vote total.”

Fayette County is a county that Trump won by 19 points in 2016 and is up by 6 points in this election, according to The New York Times.

4. Remember, to protect yourself from germs, always wear a mask

5. The Rebel goes to Dominion Voting to try and get some answers

6. Looks like France is planning a new law that doesn’t allow people to share photos of police? Not sure yet what this is about.

7. The great triumph over tyranny in Denmark that no one knows about. (We did post about this the other day here at vlad)

8. KT Hopkins attempts to report from Hindu festival in London, which is mobbed by muslims kind enough to demonstrate what multiculturalism actually means. The lest tolerant culture the most capable of force, will set the limits for everyone.

9. So about Covid being a platform to enforce a communist agenda…

10. This is reported to be Trudeau’s new emergency act. Anyone wishing to read through this and comment on its contents and meaning would be appreciated!


WHEREAS the safety and security of the individual, the protection of the values of the body politic and the preservation of the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of the state are fundamental obligations of government;

AND WHEREAS the fulfilment of those obligations in Canada may be seriously threatened by a national emergency and, in order to ensure safety and security during such an emergency, the Governor in Council should be authorized, subject to the supervision of Parliament, to take special temporary measures that may not be appropriate in normal times;

AND WHEREAS the Governor in Council, in taking such special temporary measures, would be subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights and must have regard to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, particularly with respect to those fundamental rights that are not to be limited or abridged even in a national emergency;

NOW THEREFORE, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:

(And then it starts)

Thank you Xanthippa, Malca, Johnny U., M., DM., KF., Richard, Pym Purnell, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, and MANY more who manage to keep their heads from going full Linda Blair/Raegan MacNeil in these uncertain times.

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8 Replies to “Covid, Trump, and Canada’s new order: Links 3, November 17, 2020”

  1. Ooookkkkkk….. #10…..

    This is what caught my eye…. I’m not sure whitch one spangled my spidey-sense…. prolly ALL of this section…..

    Orders and Regulations
    Marginal note:Orders and regulations

    8 (1) While a declaration of a public welfare emergency is in effect, the Governor in Council may make such orders or regulations with respect to the following matters as the Governor in Council believes, on reasonable grounds, are necessary for dealing with the emergency:

    (a) the regulation or prohibition of travel to, from or within any specified area, where necessary for the protection of the health or safety of individuals;

    (b) the evacuation of persons and the removal of personal property from any specified area and the making of arrangements for the adequate care and protection of the persons and property;

    (c) the requisition, use or disposition of property;

    (d) the authorization of or direction to any person, or any person of a class of persons, to render essential services of a type that that person, or a person of that class, is competent to provide and the provision of reasonable compensation in respect of services so rendered;

    (e) the regulation of the distribution and availability of essential goods, services and resources;

    (f) the authorization and making of emergency payments;

    (g) the establishment of emergency shelters and hospitals;

    (h) the assessment of damage to any works or undertakings and the repair, replacement or restoration thereof;

    (i) the assessment of damage to the environment and the elimination or alleviation of the damage; and

    (j) the imposition

    (i) on summary conviction, of a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars or imprisonment not exceeding six months or both that fine and imprisonment, or

    (ii) on indictment, of a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both that fine and imprisonment,

    for contravention of any order or regulation made under this section.

    • Looks like somebody has intentions to do something in the near future. For which you must sign a blank check.

      This might be a good time to plan ahead:
      – Whom do you trust?
      – Assets to liquidate?
      – Consider the options available to you and your family. Perhaps a second passport (Law of Return for descendants of various countries, including Hungary and Poland).

    • There was an article awhile back from a computer sleuth with an eye for detail and the time to follow up. He runs a free website for people who want to edit their photos. The article I recall was when he noticed that Russian were uploading photos of damaged cars. Here’s a different article:

      What I get from this is that you can look at traffic to a web-site to get an idea of when and who finds that website interesting enough to interact with it at some level, that is by saving the snapshot in the following case.

      So we have here*/
      Various people on the internet decide to archive snapshots of the DV website. A bot from the WayBack Machine periodically does saves. There is a lot of Archive-save activity around the election; going to take a dive and see when the web-site first started mentioning fraud rumors.

      2017 is a goofy year for the website, and it gets daily saves. Here’s one
      So it has an interesting article in its highlights: DOMINION VOTING RANKED HIGHEST BY MICHIGAN BUREAU OF ELECTIONS! ( does not track internal links, but an article with the same byline is findable elsewhere; it appears to be a company-issued press release.)

      • Rumor control link started 6 November fornthe Sharpie ballots (and has evolved into a thorough–but biased–point-by-point discussion).

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