Potentially GAME changing victory in Denmark!

The article is in Danish for the moment. Have a look using Google translate in Chrome till we get it properly done to English but for now…

And here is the English video explaining what they did and how they did it!

A segment of the article:

The government has proposed a new epidemic law that can enter into force if Denmark is affected by a coronavirus version 2.0 or a completely different epidemic . In the proposed law, the word coercion is included 92 times and power 84 times in different contexts.

Among other things, the law stipulates that those infected with a dangerous disease – or persons who are presumed to be infected – may be required to be examined, hospitalized, treated and isolated so that the infection does not spread.



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  1. I don’t completely understand why almost every government in the world seems intent on making as big a deal as possible out of the coronavirus and passing draconian laws that inconvenience the hell out of people and will certainly lead to a complete economic breakdown if the lockdowns are continued. And every time a poor old overweight 90-year-old ex-smoker with stage four lung cancer, diabetes, and COPD dies with the bug they say it’s another death from the COVID-19 virus and pile on some more. And the virus doesn’t seem to have much to do with children on any level but they keep acting as if the poor little dears are being marched into gas chambers and the schools must close forever or the children will be slaughtered…Oh, no!

    And do you find it suspicious that the Teachers’ Unions are looking at literally years of paid holidays as long as the “crisis” lasts? First, they get the spring off, then they get the summer off, then they get the winter off, then they get the summer off… Nice. Notice how none of them see any point in getting back to work any time soon…

    If they were serious they would concentrate their attention on the old at-risk people, with hydroxychloroquine Z-pac and zinc for all, and let the general population go forth and get infected and get over it so they can develop herd immunity causing the coronavirus to die out and go away… That’s what they would be doing if they were in the least bit serious, but they’re not, are they… But like I said, I don’t fully understand why they would be so eagerly doing such awful stuff to their own people. Not really…

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