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1. Giuliani: 650,000 Votes Were Counted Unlawfully in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

Rudy Giuliani, one of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyers, alleged on Nov. 11 that roughly 650,000 unlawful ballots were cast in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Speaking with Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, Giuliani claimed that “almost none” of the hundreds of thousands of ballots were observed by Republican poll watchers. State election law requires the presence of poll watchers from all parties.

“We now are up to a count of about 650,000 ballots that are unlawful ballots that were cast in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh,” he said. “What’s being said in the mass media, that we have no evidence, is a complete, absolute lie, just like they’ve been lying for years.”

On Monday, Gov. Tom Wolf’s office said in a statement that ballot watchers from all parties have had observers throughout the process and that “any insinuation otherwise is a lie.”

2. Trump Campaign Highlights Alleged Dead Voters Casting Ballots in Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump’s campaign on late Wednesday highlighted several alleged cases of deceased people voting during last week’s presidential election in the key state of Pennsylvania.

“Voter records show someone used the identity of John H. Granahan of Allentown, Pennsylvania to vote in the recent election, even though Granahan died in May 2019,” the campaign said. “The Dusckas Martin Funeral Home and Crematory ran an obituary of Granahan’s death when he passed away.”

The campaign noted that Judy Presto of Southpark, Pennsylvania, died in 2013, adding that “someone registered her to vote in September 2020 and cast a ballot under her name in last week’s election.” It also included an obituary of Presto published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at the time.

3. The Trump campaign has released 234 pages of affidavits regarding alleged voting irregularities in Michigan. Here’s what they say.

They mostly concern an alleged ‘atmosphere of intimidation’ at a major Detroit counting location

In recent days, the Trump campaign has touted a number of affidavits collected from poll workers in Michigan that they say proves the existence of widespread irregularities in the Michigan vote counting process, and which they plan to attach as an exhibit to an expected lawsuit that will challenge the certification of the vote in Michigan.

The campaign released those affidavits Tuesday to some members of the media (thanks to Brad Heath of Reuters for providing me with a copy). The full .pdf file of exhibits can be read here. I have endeavored to separate the actual allegations of fraud in this post. Keep in mind that, at this point, these are mere allegations that have not been tested by cross-examination or any other form of investigation.

4. Threat of criminal prosecution to website that alleges voter fraud

(This may be a fake claim, but it doesn’t justify a criminal proceeding)

5. Witness to voter fraud in Detroit Mi.

6. Found in the trash at a polling station in Oklahoma


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  1. CBC – Trump delaying Biden’s transition threatens national security, says former DHS secretary

    Michael Chertoff, who served as homeland security secretary under George W. Bush, explains why allowing the incoming administration full access is urgent — and why refusal to do so endangers the lives of the American people.

  2. DAILY MAIL – Left-wing Dems blame Nancy Pelosi’s refrigerator filled with $12-a-pint ice cream in her multi-million dollar home for putting off ordinary Americans voting Democrat

    Nancy Pelosi showed off her supply of ice cream on The Late Late Show in April
    Pelosi, 80, revealed a $24,000 freezer full of $12-a-pint luxury ice cream
    Left-wing Democrats believe it made her appear out of touch with voters
    Clips from the interview were later used in an attack ad by the Trump campaign

  3. The president has exposed the rot and corruption of our ruling class.

    No matter how the presidential election ends, one of President Donald Trump’s myriad achievements stands above all others: he has exposed the unprecedented degree of rot and corruption that pervades the American system.

    More specifically, Trump has exposed the ruling class: the bipartisan political establishment and its adjuncts in Big Tech, the corporate media, Big Business and Woke Capital, the academy, and across the commanding heights of American society.

    Trump’s manners engender hatred in the ruling class. Even more significantly, his tenacity in confronting the ruling class’s members with their failures—and the fact he has threatened to rectify those failures—discredits and disempowers those responsible for them. Their response—a perpetual effort to destroy him—has shown the ruling class to be lawless and tyrannical.

    Consequently, the ruling class has obliterated the institutions it claimed to be defending, revealing to those Americans not addled by Trump Derangement Syndrome that the emperor has no clothes. Americans willing to look can now see that those institutions which ostensibly exist to serve us have no reservations about launching a full-scale assault on us if it serves their interests.

    Consider what we have learned about the leaders of the country in the last four years.

    We learned that they would do everything in their power to destroy a president who takes them on: delegitimizing his election; baselessly demonizing and slandering him as a Nazi, racist, and bigot; lying perpetually through media conduits to undermine and smear him; pulling documents off his desk to subvert him; concocting false narratives meant to portray him as a traitor to justify spying on him and his confidantes; waging legal and political jihads aimed at toppling him; weaponizing national security, intelligence, and law-enforcement apparatuses to punish him and like-minded dissenters from the ruling class orthodoxy; impeaching him over his desires to root out political corruption; threatening to wear wires in a bid to entrap and remove him under the 25th Amendment; claiming obstruction of justice over rightful decisions to fire subordinates as he sees fit; illegally leaking information about the most sensitive of subjects concerning his policies while simultaneously invoking state secrecy to prevent the revelation of systematic ruling class corruption and criminality; and often engaging in outright insubordination.

    On this last count, we learned that military leaders would publicly flout their commander-in-chief, overrule him on broadly popular policies like pulling troops out of aimless and endless wars or protecting American cities from rioting mobs, and openly entertain scenarios of forcibly removing him from office.

    We learned that our courts—up to the highest court in the land—would hold such a president to a different standard than other presidents. When the government itself dropped its case against one of the president’s chief advisors—ensnared in some of the previously described machinations—the judge overseeing the case stepped in as prosecutor himself to continue the persecution. Traitors to the ruling class are treated as below the law.

    The ruling class’s hatred of the president, and its efforts to destroy him, were of course a proxy for its desire to destroy what he represents. What he represents is not just the policies it despises, but the people it despises. This includes the 71 million commonsense, patriotic, traditional Americans who voted for him. Some adored the president. Others backed him as the ultimate middle finger pointed at a ruling class that frowned hatefully down upon them while claiming to be virtuous and magnanimous.

    Indeed, we learned that much of our ruling class believes those Americans to be deplorable, irredeemable, racist, bigoted, backwards, Russia-supporting traitors and Nazis.

    We learned that the ruling class would hound such opponents of its rule in public, pursue their families, friends, and colleagues, and destroy them reputationally, financially, and legally.

    We learned that the ruling class’s Big Tech oligarchs would muzzle such Americans.

    We learned that the ruling class’s communications arm—the media—in hock with federal officials, would engage in rampant, sophisticated information warfare efforts against them.

    We learned that the ruling class’s Big Business and Woke Capital titans would seek to enforce their new religion in the workplace, lest any dissenting Americans slip past their HR departments.

    We learned that the ruling class would excuse, if not underwrite and cheer on, rioters as they looted and burned our cities—so long as it kept the ruling class in power.

    We learned that the ruling class was so cynical, it would leverage a pandemic to impose total control over the public, suspend the rights of political foes while privileging political friends, and systematically undermine the integrity of the voting process.

    This brings us to today.

    The Fix

    Today, half the country may never trust an election again, not because of the pending outcome, but because of the process by which we arrived at it.

    Everyone knows about chicanery in Democrat machine-run districts. But never has there been anything like what transpired at the apex of the perpetual coup on November 3rd. In the middle of an election night on which the president made historic gains with blacks and Hispanics and romped in the two bellwether states of Florida and Ohio; in which his Republican colleagues stunned pollsters by dominating Democrats in toss-up and even Democrat-favored races; in which the president was up by large margins in every major battleground state, suddenly, without explanation, the counting stopped.

    Were the machines kicking into gear to conjure up the votes needed to stop the catastrophe of the president winning re-election? Certainly such things had been done before in isolation, but in the urban centers of several states all at once? Could a fix of this magnitude really be in?

    The media had to that point refused to put clear Trump victories in the win column, while declaring Biden the winner in hotly contested states—ensuring Biden would not trail in the electoral college. Was this a conscious effort to set the narrative, or another coincidence?

    In the wee hours of the morning, suddenly tens of thousands of votes started to be reported from the bluest cities in the battleground states, some dumps apparently consisting of 100% Joe Biden votes, contradicting prior totals from those areas.

    In the coming hours and days, parties fought and even defied court orders that Republicans be permitted to oversee the counting. Why were they hiding the counters?

    Evidence grew of alleged “voting irregularities,” altered ballots, illegal ballots, dirty voter rolls, software “glitches,” unlawful ballot harvesting, and statistically improbable outcomes.

    A mass of recounts, audits, and related litigation are now pending.

    Every single one of these battleground states might have broken Joe Biden’s way in a normal election in which Americans cast their votes in person, with proper identification.

    But the foregoing has cast a shadow over our elections: the way in which the election count unfolded, seemingly breaking entirely in Biden’s favor after an election night freeze; the anecdotal and in some cases more robust evidence of corruption and fraud. Our faith in the integrity of our elections, and our republic itself, have been shaken.

    Never Forget

    That the media took it upon itself to coronate Joe Biden as the winner well before the counting was done, the recounts and audits undertaken, and the litigation adjudicated gave the further appearance that the fix was in. That certain world leaders—surely rooting for a return of “America Last” globalism—called to congratulate the former vice president, and that he stood up his transition so quickly, only further suggested a hasty effort to ram this election through.

    Anything that might arise subsequently to challenge the narrative will now be dismissed as an attempt to “undermine our democracy [never a republic],” “suppress the vote [by tossing illegal ones],” and “steal the election [obtain a legal, certifiable, official final tally].” If you express a desire to count legitimate votes, discard illegitimate ones, and get an accounting as to the how, why, and extent of any illegitimacy—to ensure your vote is not diluted and your voting rights are therefore not violated—you will be gulaged on social media and beyond. The fever dreams the ruling class previously telegraphed about dragging the president from the Oval Office will of course intensify the longer the process takes.

    Meanwhile, while Joe Biden is calling for “healing”—after an election in which he compared the president for whom 71 million people voted to Goebbels, called the only reporters who scrutinized him Russian traitors, and routinely badmouthed the country as a systemically racist bastion of evil—ruling class Resisters are feverishly drawing up their enemies lists.

    This is who they are. This is what they believe.

    For four years, President Trump has achieved major victories in the face of this opposition, making the country richer and stronger than it was when he assumed office.

    But his greatest achievement has been boldly and courageously standing up to this wounded bear of a ruling class, which has now shown America its true face. Americans’ eyes are now irrevocably open to what has become of their country, and what must be overcome to take it back.

    President Trump’s predecessors—Truman on the bureaucracy, or Eisenhower on the military-industrial complex, or Nixon on the corrupted media—scratched the surface of the challenges we face. But none exposed it so openly, and in such breadth and depth.

    If the history is written by the ultimate victors—and the house almost always wins—it may well be that this entire story is missed. Certainly, it will be misrepresented, warped, and glossed over in the most outrageous of ways. It will probably be censored too.

    Nevertheless, we must write it: For posterity, and for our fellow countrymen, in the here and now, more motivated than ever before to reclaim this land we love.

  4. the guardian – Top US cybersecurity official reportedly says he expects to be fired

    Christopher Krebs leads the agency that secures voting technology, which has been pushing back on misinformation about the election

    […]Krebs is the government’s point person on securing voting technology and is widely respected among local election officials. His agency has also been aggressively pushing back on rumors that something went wrong with the 2020 election, as Donald Trump, who refuses to concede to the president-elect, Joe Biden, contests.

    […]Separately, Bryan Ware, assistant director for cybersecurity at Cisa, confirmed to Reuters that he had handed in his resignation on Thursday.

    Krebs has drawn praise from both Democrats and Republicans for his handling of the US election, which generally ran smoothly despite persistent fears in the run-up that foreign hackers might try to undermine the vote or that there might be chaos with mail-in voting during a pandemic or intimidation of voters going to the polls to cast their ballots in person.

    But he drew the ire of the Trump White House over a website run by Cisa dubbed Rumor Control which debunks misinformation about the election, according to the three people familiar with the matter.

    White House officials have asked for content to be edited or removed from the website, which has disputed numerous false claims about the election, including that Democrats are behind a mass election fraud scheme, for which no evidence has been presented. In response, Cisa officials have refused to delete accurate information.

    In particular, one person said, the White House was angry about a Cisa post rejecting a conspiracy theory that falsely claims an intelligence agency supercomputer and program, purportedly named Hammer and Scorecard, could have flipped votes nationally. No such system exists, according to Krebs, election security experts and former US officials.


    Axios – Department of Homeland Security calls election “the most secure in American history”

    A top committee made up of officials from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and its election partners refuted President Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud and irregularities in a statement Thursday, calling the election “the most secure in American history.”

    The big picture: Trump has refused to concede to President-elect Joe Biden and is pursuing lawsuits in a number of states with baseless claims of voter fraud. The public statement from the president’s own Department of Homeland Security undermines his narrative and is sure to infuriate him.

    What they’re saying: “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised,” members of the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (GCC) Executive Committee said in a statement.

    Voting systems were made secure through pre-election testing, state certification of voting equipment and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s certification of equipment.

    The joint statement acknowledged “opportunities for misinformation” and urged voters to seek out election officials as “trusted voices.”

    Between the lines: This government statement about the election being secure should be unremarkable, Axios’ Jonathan Swan notes.

    But the sad reality is it’s a dangerous document for the officials who wrote it.
    Every person who had a hand in writing it will almost certainly face the wrath of Trump and his inner circle in the White House.

    Driving the news: CISA director Christopher Krebs has told associates he expects to be fired after he angered the White House by debunking election misinformation promoted by Trump online, Reuters first reported Thursday.

    The White House also asked Bryan Ware, assistant director for cybersecurity at CISA, to hand in his resignation, which he did on Thursday, according to Reuters.

    DHS panel says 2020 vote was ‘most secure in American history’

    An election security team led by a senior Department of Homeland Security official stressed in a Nov. 12 press release that the 2020 general election “was the most secure in American history.”

    In bold type, the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council, a team working under the aegis of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at DHS, stated that, “[t]here is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

    The statement directly contradicts the most recent in a raft of conspiracy theories put forth by President Donald Trump stating that a voting machine vendor secretly changed votes. This and other claims by Trump have been tagged as “disputed” under a new policy by Twitter to point to potential election misinformation.

    The statement is attributed to CISA assistant director Bob Kolasky and other members of the executive committee, which includes Benjamin Hovland, the chair of the Election Assistance Commission, and Maggie Toulouse Oliver, New Mexico’s secretary of state and president of the National Association of Secretaries of State.

    “When states have close elections, many will recount ballots. All of the states with close results in the 2020 presidential race have paper records of each vote, allowing the ability to go back and count each ballot if necessary. This is an added benefit for security and resilience,” the statement reads. “This process allows for the identification and correction of any mistakes or errors.”

    The news comes amid reports in Reuters and elsewhere that CISA Director Chris Krebs expects to be asked to resign or to be fired by the Trump administration. Bryan Ware, CISA’s assistant director for Cybersecurity is leaving the agency on Friday — a move first reported by Cyberscoop. According to a Reuters report, Ware was asked to resign.

    CISA has been aggressive in combatting misinformation about voting fraud in the wake of the Nov. 3 elections, and Krebs has been out in front on social media to call attention to specific conspiracy theories being peddled on social media – including some promulgated by Trump himself.

    • reuters Exclusive: Top official on U.S. election cybersecurity tells associates he expects to be fired

      (Reuters) – Top U.S. cybersecurity official Christopher Krebs, who worked on protecting the election from hackers but drew the ire of the Trump White House over efforts to debunk disinformation, has told associates he expects to be fired, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

      Krebs, who heads the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), did not return messages seeking comment. CISA and the White House declined comment.

      Separately, Bryan Ware, assistant director for cybersecurity at CISA, confirmed to Reuters that he had handed in his resignation on Thursday. Ware did not provide details, but a U.S. official familiar with his matter said the White House asked for Ware’s resignation earlier this week.

      The departure is part of the churn in the administration since Republican President Donald Trump was defeated by Democrat Joe Biden in last week’s election, raising concerns about the transition to the president-elect who would take office on Jan. 20. Trump, who has yet to concede and has repeatedly made unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud, fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and has installed loyalists in top positions at the Pentagon.

      Krebs has drawn praise from both Democrats and Republicans for his handling of the election, which generally ran smoothly despite persistent fears that foreign hackers might try to undermine the vote.

      But he drew the ire of the Trump White House over a website run by CISA dubbed “Rumor Control” which debunks misinformation about the election, according to the three people familiar with the matter.

      White House officials have asked for content to be edited or removed which pushed back against numerous false claims about the election, including that Democrats are behind a mass election fraud scheme. CISA officials have chosen not to delete accurate information.

      In particular, one person said, the White House was angry about a CISA post rejecting a conspiracy theory that falsely claims an intelligence agency supercomputer and program, purportedly named Hammer and Scorecard, could have flipped votes nationally. No such system exists, according to Krebs, election security experts and former U.S. officials.

      On Twitter, U.S. Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat, wrote: “Chris Krebs has done a great job protecting our elections. He is one of the few people in this Administration respected by everyone on both sides of the aisle. There is no possible justification to remove him from office. None.”

      Krebs has steadily shot down rumors of fraud in recent days, including retweeting leading election security expert Matt Blaze, who for years has warned of specific vulnerabilities in election gear, when the professor wrote that “no serious evidence has yet been found or presented that suggests that the 2020 election outcome in any state has been altered through technical exploitation.”

      Gregory Crabb, chief information security officer for the U.S. Postal Service, which was also under pressure over misinformation about mail-in ballots, said: “From my view on the election frontlines, Krebs was a great partner and deserves accolades for his work.”

      CNN – Two top Homeland Security officials forced to resign by White House


  5. Dana Nessel is a menace. She was the cause of the flooding cause by the collapse of Dams Midland Michigan. The dam operator (Boyce) wanted to reduce the hydraulic pressure against the dam by lowering the water level behind the dams from the spring rains that had accumilated behind the dam. The AG threatened to sue Boyce for millions to prevent them from opening up the sluice gates to prevent the deaths of fresh water mussels. and Voila the dam broke and Midland MI was flooded causing millions in damage. She should have been recalled or forced to resign.

  6. “How Twitter Would Have Handled The American Revolution…”
    + comment tweets
    WZ by Rob – November 12, 2020

    One Tweet:

    “Just so the message is super clear, a recount is not enough in any state. A recount doesn’t get the job done. You need an audit too that looks for bad ballots. That’s the most crucial part. Without audits checking the ballots it’s just being done to pacify people. Demand audits!”
    Robby Starbuck – November 11, 2020 – Twitter

  7. Associated Press – Shapiro confident final election results out soon

    Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro said on Wednesday he is confident a final result from the state’s count of votes in the 2020 presidential election will be released soon.

    “…. I haven’t seen any evidence of widespread voter fraud …”

  8. Associated Press – SEPTEMBER 29 2020 – Lawyers spar over Georgia voting machine glitch, planned fix

    ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia election officials say they’re implementing a software change to fix a glitch in the state’s new voting machines. But election integrity activists say the state is downplaying the problem and putting the security of the upcoming election at risk.

    During preelection testing on the new touchscreen voting machines last week, election officials in two counties discovered a problem with the display for a high-profile, 21-candidate U.S. Senate race. Under certain circumstances, not all of the candidates’ names would fit on a single screen.

    Election officials initially thought they would have to rebuild the database but then discovered they could fix the problem through a software change, said Bryan Tyson, an attorney representing the state.

    Lawyers representing election integrity activists told U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg this problem and others bolster their arguments that the voting machines are not secure and aren’t ready for use. Totenberg is presiding over a lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of the state’s brand new voting machines and she’s expected to rule soon on requests that the state be ordered to ditch its new voting machines and use hand-marked paper ballots for the November general election.

    Totenberg held a three-day hearing on the requests earlier this month and said she had planned to issue a ruling Monday until the activists raised the database error in a filing late Friday. Instead, she held an emergency hearing Monday.

    Tyson repeatedly called the problem a “very minor issue” and told the judge the activists “have jumped to conclusions not fully understanding what is happening, and they are trying to make a mountain out of what really is a mole hill that is not really as big a deal as they are alleging.”

    The fact that the issue was discovered during preelection testing shows that the system worked the way it was supposed to, Tyson argued.

    Eric Coomer, an executive with Dominion Voting Systems, which sold the state its new election system last year for more than $100 million, said the problem has to do with the way the voting machines communicate with the underlying Android operating system. He told Totenberg a minor software change will address the issue.

    The new software will have to be tested and approved by a third-party vendor, and then state election officials will have to load it onto 159 USB drives to be delivered to the counties, the activists said in a court filing. County election officials will then have to install the software on hundreds of voting machines, reprogram the machines and then do preelection testing, the filing says.

    At least some of the machines will have to be ready in about two weeks, when in-person early voting begins Oct. 12.

    “I mean, this is a mountain. It is not a mole hill,” David Cross, a lawyer representing several of the voters who filed the lawsuit, told Totenberg during Monday’s hearing.

    He questioned whether the state would get federal certification for the change and what security measures would be taken throughout the process.

    In a written declaration filed by the activists, J. Alex Halderman, a University of Michigan professor and a leading expert on election security, said “in complex computerized systems like Georgia’s election equipment, last-minute changes, even seemingly small ones, can introduce serious and difficult-to-foresee consequences.”

    A change now would not leave enough time for rigorous testing and security measures, and “would provide an attractive vector for attackers seeking to spread malware,” he wrote.

    During the previous hearing earlier this month, the state’s lawyers repeatedly said it was too late to make big changes, that the election was effectively underway. Cross seized on that, arguing that replacing the software on some 34,000 machines is a much bigger change than switching to hand-marked paper ballots, which is already the backup plan if there’s a problem with the voting machines.

    Tyson accused the activists of engaging in “a disinformation campaign about Georgia elections,” prompting angry responses from Cross and Bruce Brown, an attorney representing the Coalition for Good Governance and individual voters.

    Brown told the judge there are at least two other issues that further support their arguments about the machines’ weaknesses. Election officials in one county told them that, during preelection testing, the tabulation of absentee ballots did not work at all. And in another county, there was a problem with write-in candidates.

    Tyson said the absentee ballot tabulation problem was due to a misunderstanding on the part of the local election officials and the other issue arose because a write-in candidate who has a number in his name while there are only letters on the keyboard.

    Totenberg asked questions throughout the hearing and, once it was over, ordered the state to submit additional documentation about testing of the modified software and any documentation filed for federal certification.

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