US Election Fraud post #21

Like the previous 20, this post will be updated to 10 items and then a new one will start

1. Facebook now realizes that there is no escaping the fact of their partizan bias and use of their protected platform to achieve political goals that are not their user’s, but are their own. Clearly, Facebook like Twitter realizes that they may as well use the full weight of their power to stop Trump, because when Trump starts his second term he will remove their special protection as a platform and make them publishers, and they will be sued out of existence.

2. All of us should add to ALL retweets:

!Twitter’s claim that it is an impartial platform is disputed!

3. No, the USPS worker DID NOT RECANT

4. Bill Whittle has a look at the election Fraud

5. Over 200 signed affidavits of electoral fraud

6. Alaska

7. !Twitter’s claim of being an unbiased platform cannot be verified!

8. MAGA is not giving up

9. Member of Biden’s team seem to want history erased selectively.

10. Some good insight:

(This fellow has an interesting feed)

Thanks to all who contributed to this post. Election Fraud post #22 to follow soon.

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  1. 2 Yes there was massive voter fraud, but the interesting thing is Lou Dobbs saying wait until you see what comes next. Is he talking about Trumps law suits, legal action of the left rioting?

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