US Election Fraud Post #18

1. System ‘Glitch’ Also Uncovered In Wisconsin – Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden

We’ve reported on numerous events identified in the 2020 election already which are being referred to as ‘glitches’ by the Democrats.  Tonight we just uncovered another ‘glitch’ in Wisconsin. 

When this one is confirmed it will result in a 19,500 vote gain for Trump making the Wisconsin race a total toss-up.

There is now a pattern of events we have uncovered across the country where votes are being taken from Republicans at all levels and transferred to competing Democrats in offsetting amounts.  These are not random because in every case votes are moved from Republicans to Democrats.

This is beginning to appear like a strategy used by the Democrats to steal this election.

(Confirmation would be nice)

2. From November 4, the vote for Donald Trump actually went DOWN?

3. Facebook and Biden’s plan to assert control

4. I think she puts it very accurately.

5. Its almost like people are getting fed up with being attacked for voting for the President or something

6. Trump pulls within 1% of Biden in Az (Epoch Times)

7. Comment:

#9- AG Barr allows Federal Prosecutors to investigate election fraud.
The head of the DOJ Election Crimes Division resigned one hour after the announcement! So, the head of the Election Crimes Division doesn’t want to investigate election crime…
Why has he been collecting a paycheck for the last 4 years if he doesn’t want to/won’t investigate election crime? Oh, and BTY he is an Obama hold over and was involved in the Lois Lerner IRS scheme to suppress conservative non-profit NGO’s. Surprise!

8. From yesterday: Biden loses President Elect status according to RCP after Pennsylvania taken away

9. Wife of FOX Heir, Katheryn Murdoch gloats about how “we did it” after election.

(And now we know why FOX now has lower ratings than CNN and MSNBC. Spoiled, rich, elite, leftists.)

10. This appears to be a legal action by the President against electoral fraud perps.

11. Can’t resist this one:

‘World knows Trump won #MAGA’ banner flown over Goodison Park ahead of Everton v Manchester match



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10 Replies to “US Election Fraud Post #18”

  1. reuters – EU seeks ‘new transatlantic agenda’ with Biden: EU chief executive

    The United States and the European Union need to forge a new transatlantic alliance in areas such as climate change and the digital economy under president-elect Joe Biden, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday.

    Europe, she said, should take the initiative, with an offer to work with the new U.S. administration, stressing it would not mean a return to the agenda of five years ago.

    “Our alliance is based on shared values and history. On a common belief in working together to build a stronger, more peaceful and more prosperous world,” von der Leyen said in a speech to EU ambassadors around the world.

    “These goals will always endure. But in a changing global landscape, I believe it is time for a new transatlantic agenda fit for today’s world.”

    She congratulated Biden and U.S. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory but did not mention outgoing President Donald Trump, who has not conceded to his opponent.

    Many European leaders watched with shock as Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris climate change agreement, slapped tariffs on EU goods and undermined multilateral bodies that America has backed for decades.

    Von der Leyen said the EU was looking forward to the United States rejoining the Paris agreement, which Biden has said he will do.

    The Commission president said Europe would push for ambitious commitments at next year’s international meetings on climate change and biodiversity, adding that the United States was “well placed to support us”.

    It was also time to reverse the trend of weakening multilateral organisations, such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization, with reform where appropriate.

    Von der Leyen urged the United States to work with Europe to set global rules for the digital economy, covering illegal hate speech and propaganda, fair competition and data protection.

    One thorny area could be taxation of digital services companies. Von der Leyen said she hoped for a global consensus.

    G20 finance ministers last month extended until mid-2021 negotiations to update cross-border tax rules after talks ground to a halt amid the COVID-19 pandemic and U.S. reticence.

    Mid-2021 had to be an absolute deadline, von der Leyen said, adding that Europe would act if there was no agreement by then.

  2. 1. ‘Twould be better if PT’s legal defense kept mum on the details of what they are finding, simply gathering up the evidence before court appearances. The Electoral College has yet to meet. A polite request from PT to the press could remind the media of that. Who knows what more evidence comes forward if there is less fear of retribution?
    2. PT relied on Twitter (and Fox!) too much. The US could have sponsored a non-profit public broadcasting internet channel “for viewers like you.”
    3a. PT doesn’t adequately anticpate counter-moves: push-back on China trade–>virus release; push-back on pay-to-play and internet monopolies–> media castigate him for not conceding to the person they say won the election.
    3b. Push-back on honest vote counts—> will be ? riots?, demonization? bureaucratic (IRS) scrutiny of PT, family, supporters? criminalization (real or de facto via censorship) of vocal support? flood gates of new voters prior to 2024 via 16-year old vote and resident vote?

    • That is, he is going to have to make a deal behind the scenes with Jill Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi. Maybe he steps aside for Pence and they agree to count votes legally if he doesn’t change xyz. The Supreme Court pick must have really angered the Democrats; maybe they’ll leave him alone if he agrees to expand the court by two and there is a US Const amendemnt that caps the size.

    • 2/ I agree: he didn’t deal with media strategically. Too dependent on Fox and Twitter. He just kept repeating “fake news” to neutralize opponents. It stopped being cute a couple years ago.

      He failed to command respect for the office of POTUS. Part of his charm for part of his base, but a turn-off for more. Certainly a detraction for foreign observers.

      Perhaps he can indulge in less of it during his second term.

      Brawling and sparring with the peons (like the Washington Press Corps) was never going to convince the honchos to work with him. They have their own agenda: he should’ve reached out to make a *Deal*.

      Media controlled by very few individuals and corporations, significant foreign ownership and global stakeholders. The antithesis of MAGA. Come to terms with that?

      I don’t know what his legal options are. Maybe another public broadcasting channel, but that’s not enough.

      MSNBCNNFOXNYTWAPO should crash and burn.

      They made an …ISRAEL… out of our PDJT.
      A pariah, a monster, the devil incarnate. That doesn’t just happen. Certainly not so perfectly coordinated.
      It’s psyops. War.

  3. He can put out a statement about funding Biden’s transition team as soon as the results are certified by bodies with the legal authority to do so. Better if he and VPB put out a joint statement together.

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