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13 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the electoral fraud and what can be done about it, and what this may mean for the near future”

  1. The only thing Brad says that I can’t square is the losing scenario he describes. A generation of tyranny before Americans wake up to what has happened? Twenty years?

    See where technology is now, and imagine where it will be in 20 years in terms of being able to control free thinkers. Good luck. And in twenty years today’s Soyboys, Fruits and Vegetables will rise up and claim their Godlessly-given rights even though it will be far more difficult then, than it is now? Good luck with that, again. The brave, trained Brad Johnsons et al will be looking for where they left their dentures–if they’re lucky–not fighting a war.

    We always think we have time, until we don’t.

    • I can’t see it taking that long either, there were groups ready to move if Hillary won and I can’t see those groups not doing the same thing if Biden wins. From the way he was wording things he was warning those groups and others that if Biden wins we have to do some thing now..

      My read on what he is saying is that no matter who is declared the winner we are going to have a very violent and bloody civil war. The worst case scenario is him warning the vets of the military and the intel units that they have to act right after Biden is sworn in, if not right after his victory is certified other wise the 20 years of tyranny will occur.

    • Give yourself a nightmare and visualise the many millions of third world illiterate illegals who will be gathered into the USA during this 20 years for a life of ease, plenty, raping, robbing, rutting and murdering placed ahead of you and yours by affirmative action policies. You will be entirely dispossessed.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been scrounging in foreign media.

    This is it. For our nation and the USA as global hegemon.
    It’s an coup ATTEMPT.
    Oligarchs like Bezos are compared to snatch-&-grab looters of the tumbling Soviet Union.

    Our “allies” are exploring their options. Every. Single. One of them.

    We’re losing “face” big time. That’ll hurt us no matter how it’s resolved. It’s a body blow to our leverage in every dimension: our security umbrella leaks, our “jaw-jaw” becomes white noise.

    The international media has a signal role. The monopoly power of China-serfs and MB-friendlies. The “papers of record”, the Euro-Pravdas (like DW), they picked up the ball and made a mad dash to the goal-post.

    • We must prevail here.
      I believe we will.

      PTrump and the Tea Party/Deplorables are tough and determined. There are more of us. And we’re the Good Guys……..
      From the international perspective, nations will see an even more isolationist USA. That rhetoric is never useful – except in domestic elections.

      PT’s policy is characterized abroad as “transactional diplomacy”: Buy our expensive, unnecessary big-ticket items or we’ll stay home.

      Expect aggressive imperialists to take full advantage. A bleak future.

      • Hello dear yucki !!!

        You say: “..We must prevail here.
        I believe we will….”

        Ever since I heard a holocaust survivor say: “The pessimists among us finished up in Berverly Hills with a swimming pool … the optimists went to the gas chambers ” I have turned pessimist. (It does not always work though). 😉

  3. The only way to be made ‘whole’ is a new election in problem states with paper ballots only, no machines.

    All the lawsuits, regardless of the outcome, doubt will remain regardless of the Party notwithstanding the length of time required to verify, audit, or whatever.

    Only a new election will do it. After the new election, go for the audits of the previous election results.

    TRUMP confirmation: Re Vigilantism
    For quite some time, I’ve been saying ‘SNIPERS’.

    The COUP: Obrador was the first to reject the said President-Elect. He knows what ‘Coup’ looks like.

    NOTE: I saw my girlfriend today for some ten minutes. I hadn’t seen her since ten days. She doesn’t speak English, only French. She aged at least ten years in ten days. She hates Trump.

    • There are all sorts of options if you stop playing by the rules.

      • Offers to Bezos, Dorsey – all of them – that they can’t refuse.
      • Uncle Vlad might have new, improved Novichok.
      • Opportunities at target-rich events like Davos or Bilderberg…

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