Item 9: Civil Servants plan revolution over Zoom: Links 2, November 1, 2020

1. Its almost like we aren’t voting for or against the same issues at all…

2. Frankfurt police attacked with over 800 people pelting police with projectiles

(There are many videos of this in the Reader’s Links for today. We will post some as translations come in)

3. This may be the Quebec City mass sword killer in this video. May be wearing a Niqab. Or a wig or something.

4. Man beaten to unconsciousness, broken ribs on Toronto subway for not wearing a mask

5. Covid legislation is quite an excellent tool for a state that wants to arrest people they don’t like for just being there.

6. And on it goes.

7. A msg from an expat Iranian

8. Facebook banned this ad. Please spread. Teach that SOB CEO what the Streisand Effect is all about.

9. PLEASE watch THESE videos below to understand what is meant by “The Anti-State”

10. Please watch the videos in item 9 again.

Thank you all, SC., M., ET., Wrath of Khan, C., Major Tom, Richard, and MANY more who have been so dedicated to informing and supporting this community.


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  1. 9- I am bone tired of prosperous socialists whining about social injustice. I had a big argument with one today. It got me nowhere. Their indoctrination forces them to rationalize all objective evidence to suit their ideology. It is a modern tragedy. Have the people in these videos not committed a crime?

    • The people in those videos have no idea what is going to happen if they carry out their plan, the groups of retired people mentioned in the last Brad Johnson are going to start on the street violence and the leaders of those groups. They will get around to the idiots in the video, the ones who have no idea how much they are disliked by the patriotic hard men.

  2. 7. There was a comment below this video that asked, ‘why do not natural born citizens understand,’ these issues facing America?

    The answer is in the question.

    Nearly half of Americans are not natural-born. No fathers in the home. Raised like pets to give and get affection.

    “Census information from 1960 tells us that in that year, only nine percent of children lived in single parent families.[16] Today four out of every ten children are born to an unwed mother.[17]”,%25%20of%20single-parent%20families.&text=60%25%20of%20single%20fathers%20are,cause%20of%20this%20family%20situation.

    The inverted Trinity and the Copycats who welcomed them in.

    • Hijo natural is how you say “illegitimate child” in Spanish/Ladino.
      It’s an inside joke hearing “natural born” used in English. Usually in reference to the Constitutional requirement for the highest office in the land, POTUS.

      => That’s why every Yankee Prez is a bastard.

  3. 9 Rings so many bells.
    Doing PG work in my nation’s capital I was occasionally forced(see “dragged out”) to make a social penance and actually mix with the ‘locals” as my building was next to their main “hive. This was the social home of the achieving young bureaucrats, all already on the second rung of the success ladder. They were mostly late 20s early 30s “single” males that I met but my male colleagues assured me that this all applied to the females. The year had seen a replacement of the socialist government by a conservative one and I was curious how they felt about the change as the public service union is as left as is the teachers union. So I asked them.
    Half of them proudly told me how they “mislaid” reports, “modified” orders, ignored advice etc. as they disapproved of the new government. I asked if this caused any trouble and they replied (bar one TBH) that the head of their department turned a blind eye on it. I wasn’t just shocked. I was horrified. These are the ones who told me that “official stats” are what they say they are something that I have proven several times (eg try to find male to female muslim birth stats in the west…it is near 9 to 1 due to gender abortion going by labour ward staff)
    No doubt some of these little darlings are now the heads of departments and doing the same thing to a conservative government.
    Trump is just like the little Dutch boy and the dike as plugging the leaks is not enough as you must flush the system to stop the flood.
    This is why the west is under siege and cannot win UNLESS they clean up the bureaucratic sewer not just the swamp and this will require a cleansing of the teachers union for a start.

    • Not just the union.
      The teachers have to be the equivalent of denazified, if that’s possible. Otherwise: “send them down to the countryside, to learn from the peasants.”

      • Agreed! I expressed it poorly as that cleansing was implied. I wont bother with typing what i actually think of teachers now as I try to avoid the overuse of Anglo-Saxon terms. My twins suffered discrimination and incompetence by a Marxist teacher because she disapproved of our politics and our occupations(myself in particular). The result was( when I was posted overseas) that they entered secondary school with almost no arithmetic. Miss Bool (Sue me!) now is head mistress of the education department’s exhibition school (highest teaching job possible). Luckily we were capable of repairing the damage and both did several years of uni maths. But she still is on my list.

    • C’mon. Ms PowerPoint leading the meeting is entrapping the others–isnt it obvious by her articulate words, laced with criminal intent, that she is baiting others to come forward?

    • Look at the diffetences between the two videos: one looks more authentic: spontaneous and disorganized. Any normal revolutionary would be passing out maps (with GPS coordinates?) using a secure platform like Whats App!
      No one even mentions that cell phone calls stop working when that area is densely populated and everyone is trying to phone. It’s like they’ve never been there.
      Zoom was just under threat of a lawsuit for providing material aid to terrorists by allowing a PFLP officer (LK) to use its platform to speak at an SFSU and than at a U H awaii event.. Zoom and Youtube folded and let the universities know not to expect to use their platforms.

      Why would a would-be revolutionary stoop so low as to use such a sell-out for video-chat?

  4. The self-delusion of these conspirators is amazing. ‘We didn’t ask for this war’, then who the hell did? ‘Potential fighting’ means violence we are plotting. They are indulging in a criminal conspiracy and saying we will be ‘criminalized’, well yeah! They talk about getting guns knowing full well they are already stashed around the country. Any Federal employee taking part should be sacked without a pension, I mean they’re not all Hilary!

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