Van Morrison: No More Lockdown

Back in the 60s, musicians and artists producing propaganda for the revolution where celebrated in every conceivable way. Now that the revolution is manifesting itself though, there is quite a dearth of counter-revolutionary art of any kind. Cancel culture and all that you know. And chances are government grants for artists will really be prioritized for people who produce material encouraging massivly more government.

So what a treat it is to hear one of the great Blues-Jazz musicians of the 60s coming out with counter-revolutionary music asking for freedom.

H/T Dan A.

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3 Replies to “Van Morrison: No More Lockdown”

  1. Boy! Van sure is sounding good. I’d forgotten how great the guy is. He should do a duet with Lady Gaga. That would be very interesting…

  2. No Lockdown! What a great musical statement. I had forgotten how much I loved his music but now will go back in time and listen to him again.

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