Explanation of the missing docs, Erdogan’s European ambitions become clearer: Links 3, October 29, 2020

1. We no longer have the flu. Right.

2. Its about time.

3. A video from not too long ago in the French Parliament

4. The replacement of Europeans in Europe draws toward completion.

5. Dr. Zev Zelenco publishes recent study on the efficacy of HCQ, Zinc and Z pak resulting in MASSIVE reduction in hospitalizations and deaths.

(Working link)

(We need to sue and jail politicians who made this treatment unavailable. Jail in the harshest possible conditions)

6. Missing. Biden documents reappear

(Might be time to pick a new courier)

7. Czech MPs designate Hezbollah a terrorist organization

Following similar resolutions in other European parliaments, the Czech Chamber of Deputies has designated the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement a terrorist organization as a whole that threatens all democracies. The Czech government will try to enforce this decision on the European Union level as well to make the EU stop distinguishing between Hezbollah’s political and military units.

“The Chamber of Deputies calls on the government to promote at the European Union level the abandonment of the concept of dividing Hezbollah into two units and to support its full inclusion on the list of terrorist organizations,” the parliamentary resolution states.

Seven years ago, EU foreign ministers included only the military wing of the movement on the European list of terrorist organizations.

According to Czech deputies, the government should commit to suppressing Hezbollah’s influence in the world in order to strengthen international security.

The Chamber of Deputies also stated that its resolution “is not a hostile act towards the Lebanese people and that it is interested in maintaining a partnership with the Lebanese Republic.” Hezbollah representatives are part of the Lebanese government.

8. Nigel Farage on media collusion to hide the truth to fix an election

9. Erdogan’s ambitions for a European Caliphate become clearer

10. “Macron has declared war against Islam” -If only it were true.

Thank you MarcusZ1967, M., Wrath of Khan, Watchmen2, Yucki, Johny U., and many many more who have contributed to this effort in a number of ways.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow promises some new Brad Johnson interviews and I suspect they will be great.


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4 Replies to “Explanation of the missing docs, Erdogan’s European ambitions become clearer: Links 3, October 29, 2020”

  1. 4 – Remember when France was the Catholic heart of Europe? Remember St. Joan of Arc?

    Joan of Arc’s Letters
    Translated by: Allen Williamson

    Joan of Arc’s Letter to the Duke of Burgundy (July 17, 1429)

    Great and formidable Prince,n3 Duke of Burgundy, Joan the Maiden n4 requests of you, in the name of the King of Heaven, my rightful and sovereign Lord, that the King of France and yourself should make a good firm lasting peace. Fully pardon each other willingly, as faithful Christians should do; and if it should please you to make war, then go against the Saracens.n5

    Note 5: The Islamic Saracens, frequently at war with Christendom, were considered by her to be legitimate targets for military action.

  2. They found the flash drive in a manner that asks more questions then it answered. It is not very likely that the package was damaged by a machine and the flash drive just fell out. especially when the package was thrown away, This whole affair reeks of corruption both inside and outside of the government.

    • >unlikely
      Former postal office worker here. Based on experience I would say chances of a ripped envelope (ripped open in one end by machine) is less than 1/500.000.

      Having said that, chances of it happening to a particular sensitive envelope addressed to Tucker probably notches it up with a factor of 1000. Like winning the lottery.

      • It was opened and the flash drive copied, the package and the returned drive are a warning to drop the whole investigation. The only question is who intercepted the package and sent the warning? Private individuals from the Dark Money people, Rogue US personal from the Swamp, Chinese Officials with a stake in Biden, Russia to create chaos?

        While the Swamp is the suspect that first springs to mind there are other groups with the ability to carry out the intercept and send the warning. China wanting to spread chaos and to protect the Bidens after the money they have spent. Russia wanting to spread chaos and weaken the US by destroying our unity.

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