Trudeau in yet ANOTHER major financial scandal, Facebook abuse of trust and much more: Links 1, October 22, 2020

1. BREAKING: Trudeau govt. gave ex-liberal MP a $237M contract without a call for bids and overpaid $100M

A report released today by the investigative journalists of Journal de Montréal shows that the Trudeau Liberal government gave a $237 million contract to a firm that had been created just seven days before obtaining the contract and that the federal government overpaid by nearly $100 million.

The $237 million was given to the obscure firm FTI Professional Grade. This firm had been officially created only seven days before obtaining the contract from the federal government and its website showed that FTI had only two employees.

The contract was for the manufacturing of 10,000 ventilators. 

Soon after obtaining the contract, FTI hired the firm Baylis to handle the manufacturing of the ventilators. Baylis belongs to Michael Baylis, an ex-liberal MP and an active member of the party since the 1980s. 

Michael Baylis became the MP for the riding of Pierrefonds-Dollard in 2015 and stayed in this position until 2019. Baylis is a known acquaintance of Justin Trudeau. 

The timing and circumstances of this contract raise many red flags. Similar questions

2. President Trump has that right

3. Tucker Carlson on CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s hypocrisy

4. FULL Tucker Carlson from the 21st:

5. Pro-Family activist running in B.C. Election has Facebook accounts suspended

(Facebook is not a platform and is a publisher with a solid set of views that they use their members to amplify in every way. Facebook must have its status changed to publisher. Subsequent law suits from the thousands of people they have destroyed because they didn’t agree with them will fix the rest)

Jenn Smith a transgender activist who opposes the British Columbia progressive sex-ed curriculum SOGI 123 had been campaigning as an independent candidate in the provincial riding of Victoria-Swan Lake unimpeded up until Facebook decided to throw obstacles in his way very recently.

According to Smith last night Facebook suspended both of his campaign page as well as his personal account not allowing him to post anything new on either, restricted only the use of Messenger in the meantime.

Smith sent messages to supporters reading:

My account is suspended. I can only use messenger. I cannot post to my campaign account or run ads. They suspended me for NOTHING at the most critical time of my campaign. They have NOT suspended those impersonating me and my campaign page who are libeling me, but me they suspend me for NOTHING. This is criminal interference. Please share this message. I have sent Facebook a message threatening to sue them. 

Smith threatening to sue Facebook may not be out of the realm of possibilities in this case as Facebook, by suspending the accounts of someone seeking election, would be by definition interfering in an election.

In this case, Facebook has acted as a publisher, choosing which politicians and political positions can be advocated for on its platform without a violation of the general rules of the website. 

6. Sweden Discovers Taxi Drivers Over-Represented in Sex Crimes

(Socialist governments will use this data to ban private cars while importing more muslims)

According to the Swedish Taxi Association, the industry is heavily dependent on immigrants, as “nearly half” of the country’s taxi drivers are of foreign descent.

Taxi drivers are over-represented when it comes to crime, especially sex crimes, TV4 has found in a survey.

Between January 2019 and August 2020, taxi drivers committed approximately 30,000 crimes. These include everything from traffic offences to aggravated assault on women and even murder, TV4 reported.

“There is a certain over-representation among those working within the taxi branch, so that they have more crime in their baggage than ordinary Swedish men. Even after a few years in the taxi industry, you already have an over-representation”, Markus Edsbagge, section manager at the Swedish Transport Agency said.

7. Bill Warner on the Glazov gang. 52 minutes

Censorship in the 21st Century Political Islam Censorship destroys our most precious right – free speech.

Before the Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC, attacked me, I was a respected expert on Political Islam. Then I became a racist, hater, bigot, Islamophobe. SPLC said that people such as me should be driven out of business. All the big tech companies – Amazon, FaceBook, Twitter, PayPal, Master Card, YouTube – attacked me in some way.
Critical thought is the intellectual foundation to our civilization. Without it we have riots, screaming, brute force and tyranny.

There are two kinds of censorship: direct suppression and hidden censorship. An example of hidden censorship is textbooks that teach an Islam that is without fault and no classroom debate is allowed.

Look at all of the topics that cannot be openly discussed: race, immigration, climate change, gender, Islam.

Individuals cannot stop this, we need an organized power such as CSPI International that is being built in the US after a five-year development in Central Europe. If you are interested in joining us:

8. Swedish Professor: Integration of 2015 Migrants into Labour Force Has Been a Failure

(The Swedes will likely solve this problem by making rape of Swedish women a cultural staple and paid profession as well as belonging to criminal gangs, collecting welfare, and teaching and enforcing sharia norms. Then they will have 90%+ assimilation)

Swedish economics professor Johan Eklund has criticised the government’s failure to integrate migrants who arrived in 2015 into the labour force.

A total of 163,000 migrants came to Sweden during the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, and of those granted asylum, around 60,000 were given permanent residency. But despite efforts, just over half of those aged 20 to 64 with residence rights had worked at all in 2019.

Around 11,900 migrants were said to be on local welfare programmes in 2019 while 10,000 benefitted from parental allowance and 8,700 received student aid money, newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad reports.

9. I haven’t heard this much racial hatred since the last left wing protest

10. The ANTIFA industry. “Community Organizing” is a Marxist project.


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., EB., Richard, ET., PC., MarcusZ1968 and MANY more who have been with us for a long time and just joining this crew now, for all your efforts and contributions.

Below an observation by Johnny U on Trudeau’s denial of movement towards communism, despite Canada’s lurching toward communism with each month of his reign.

Seems like the CCP experiment with hybridized commie-capitalism is finding its natural end. Full monitoring of companies’ finances can only mean The Party wants to skim more off the top. Capitalism has a weird allergy to central planners.

Yesterday here I saw a story of Dear Leader refuting as disinformation grim fables of Canadian communism kicking itself up a couple of gears under veil of Wuhan. What does the Prime Minister’s politburo think? That it can bribe legacy media while crushing alternative voices, and still keep the sheep from getting spooked? People still remember Dear Leader’s confessions of bromance for Chinese communism, so why should he be trusted? Red China and Dystopia’s politburo are ideologically joined at the hip. Dear Leader was an empty vessel into which the most toxic, radioactive liquids were dumped since he sat on daddy’s Nazi lap. Now his apparatchiks, who are far more extreme and disillusioned by their own short shadows than ever were the least world-weary Soviets, endeavor to make Canada’s economic model meet the Red Chinese model in the middle. From their red square the CCP gave freedom a longer leash to enhance its own wealth, while Dear Leader has tethered his own feminized brand of tyranny to a rising trial balloon, judging public reaction, his inner circle calculating their next advance against a free-market system they were clearly never taught to appreciate or understand.

We see how this government has roped off the Alberta economy with its green velvet religion. Imagine how angry people are who can remember what Trudeau Sr. did to Alberta before? And now the son? We see how Dear Leader and Dug Ford, Premier of Ontario, are roping off Ontario– the country’s supposed economic engine–with closed medical science.

Collectivism is all poli-sci fun and games until it finds real power. The Dystopian question now is who wakes up when, how many, and how surly? When a respected legacy economist like David Rosenberg says we’re in a depression, not a recession, you’d better listen. The Church of Green has married the Church of Wuhan. The high priest who wed them is the Globalist, and a honeymoon was never in the cards for we the people.


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  1. ITEM 1: I wonder what NDP Jagmeet Singh is getting out of it? He’s supporting the Liberals all the way, without question; no election and no anti-corruption committee.

  2. 4: video removed by uploader.

    6 & 8: Water is wet!
    Btw be careful when you take a cab in western Europe, esp when you take one from an airport. Make sure it’s not an illegal one, those are mostly driven by They Who May Not Be Mentioned. At best they’ll try to sell you drugs, but they may drive to the wrong part of town where you’re pulled out of the car and robbed by his buddies. They may beat you up, and there are cases of manslaughter and even rape.
    Brussels is notorious for this, don’t take cabs from train stations after dark there.

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