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6 Replies to “60 Minutes Vs. President Trump, and 60 Minutes doing PR for Obama for his second term”

  1. I’m glad you or someone captured this on 3speak…. i listened to this at work today on Bitslide an app for Android….. Bitslide allows you to keep playng in the background while doing other things… (not a #TOOBISEM, get your minds outta gutter peeps!)

  2. I am thinking Stahl is busy doctoring her interview with Biden. Biden ain’t there, only Stahl’s part of the interview is on ‘remake’ to make it seem more aggressive.

  3. Interrupted 73 times. I don’t quite agree.

    Media training for for those being interviewed by a journalist utilizes various methods of coping with questions. You are taught, for example, that honesty is a good policy, but don’t overdo it. You are taught to ask the reporter to rephrase multi-tiered questions. This sets the reporter back, for a second, and also gives you time to think. A person becomes better with practice and preparation. Slick Willies and Obamas of the world–those used car salesmen with the gift of gab–are usually in their element. I always marvel at good talkers. The way the words come to them. It’s certainly a talent.

    PT is different. He’s a natural of his own autodidactic brand, I think. Sure, he’s had guidance in these matters, but his style is his own and I’ve not seen a single media coach speak about this, ever.

    See how he repeats words and phrases? To his enemies this comes across as an infuriating, arrogant, display of stupidity. They’re wrong because he is buying himself important seconds to think. He is also focusing those who are listening on that word or phrase he would like people to focus on. He is also the one who is doing the talking, which means that for these seconds he is safe from his adversary’s game–whatever it is–and can riff somewhat tangentially on his own agenda while not satisfying the journalist’s agenda. When his riff is done he lets her go again, but only for the few seconds until she gives him the next opening and then he’s back riffing, stealing more time, pushing out key words and phrases. How stupid is this, so far?

    PT walks into this lion’s den just as he did Bob Woodward’s. How and why? Why expose yourself to such risk, some would say unnecessarily? I think the answer is that if you have a clue about what you are doing the reward outweighs the risk. You walk out of that lion’s den with a couple of scratches, but you should see the other guy. The sport of the challenge is fun, to boot.

    While 60-Minutes doesn’t carry the influence it used to, it still has heft. Now Stahl is whining like a little girl. “…No respect…” goes her best Dangerfield schtick. Boo-hoo, Leslie. You just came out of a construction boss meeting that you didn’t even know you were going to have? Please. Don’t cry foul now. It isn’t as if you didn’t have a card up your own sleeve, too, with every. Single. Question.

    Each question is either part of a set-up, or a rope-a-dope before a stinging left hook. 60-Minutes climbs into this ring like Mike Tyson, and is carried out on a stretcher. PT ends the fight. Stahl doesn’t get to set up a single combo. She tries to jab but to no effect. Not one punch landed. Get it now?

    Again, in my humble opinion characterizing this bout as 73 interruptions is to really miss out on this amazing dynamic. From the opening seconds this is so obviously two seasoned fighters climbing into the ring. It’s absolutely fascinating. Stahl gives PT the staredown by saying it’s going to be tough. This is meant to intimidate. Rattle. Get him off his game. PT says just don’t hit below the belt. You see his face? Watch again. This is a man of flesh and blood completely vulnerable, but courageous beyond mortals. His eyes flicker and twitch, his nerves are lit. Right from the opening bell he sees every swing and jab she takes is aiming for his head or his nuts. No kidding. Mask, mask, mask, virus, virus, virus. This was supposed to be 60-Minutes knocking out cold the POTUS days before the most important election in history. Everyone knew it. Instead, he goes into the fight like he had so many times before back when he had to fight contractors. Those guys were just as smart in their own crafty ways and just as tough as this bitch, and the same methods will work. Steal their oxygen and they’ll go down eventually.

    Comes the time, comes the man. I think this is all captured right here in this 60-Minutes match. It’s why he is who he is, and Leslie Stahl isn’t man enough to acknowledge she lost to a better fighter, fair and square. In fact, she wasn’t interrupted a single time. Buster Douglas Didn’t “interrupt” Mike Tyson, did he? Of course not.

    “…Why are you always so aggressive?” asks Tyson.
    “…It’s defensive…” replies Douglas.

    And when it was all over you saw just how viscious an animal you had slayed.


    • See how he repeats words and phrases? To his enemies this comes across as an infuriating, arrogant, display of stupidity. They’re wrong because he is buying himself important seconds to think.

      Excellent observation.
      No ums, ya know, I-I-I-I, no passing the ball back to buy time for re-phrased question, he’s thinking. Controls the ball.

      Growing up without TV, never owning one, I’m not very familiar with 60-Minutes. It seems to think a lot of itself, a legacy that’s supposed to be awe-inspiring. I don’t really get it, but I miss a lot of pop culture references.

      • I did grow up with it. It considers itself the be all and end all of truth. In the old days with Mike Wallace they did good interviews. Long gone now.

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