Simple, short, brilliant and accurate explanation for Covid measures.

On first read, I cannot find a word I disagree with.

From the Epoch Times:

Held Captive by Pandemic Lies

Back in the spring, when the official mantra was “two weeks to flatten the curve,” and “fifteen days to slow the spread,” Americans and others were game to give the fight against the CCP virus a try. After all, we were being asked to briefly surrender our freedom of movement, association, speech, and the exercise of religion in exchange for protecting a medical system about to confront the Chinese Communist Party virus.

But it was all a lie—every word of it.

The hospitals were not overwhelmed. The death toll was many degrees of magnitude smaller than so direly predicted. The lockdowns continue in one form or another to this day.

In fact, since that time the death toll from the novel coronavirus has steadily dropped, even as “infections” have increased—entirely understandably, given the nature of viruses. The first lockdowns were never meant to control or eradicate the virus by denying it hosts. That’s impossible. Instead, all they did was delay the number of people who would eventually get this variation of SARS and the flu, in order for the herd to be culled and immunity to kick on.

And, indeed, those who died were mainly the low-hanging fruit: the extremely elderly, the residents of nursing homes whose remaining life spans were short in the first place, those with compromised immune systems, the grossly obese or suffering from severe comorbidities, such as cancer and advanced heart disease.

Please read the rest at Epoch:

Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic

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7 Replies to “Simple, short, brilliant and accurate explanation for Covid measures.”

  1. DEATH sits under a tree by the city wall and waits.
    A scholar comes past, sees him, sits down and asks what he, DEATH, is doing here.
    DEATH replies: I’m going to town now and get 100 people.
    The scholar jumps up and runs into the city and shouts: “DEATH will come and take 100 people with him”
    Then all people run in panic into their houses and lock themselves up for many weeks.
    5000 people die.
    When the scholar, who is still alive, leaves his house and the city again, DEATH is still sitting there under the tree by the city wall, waiting.
    The scholar runs to him and insults Death angrily: “You said you only wanted to get a 100 people, but 5000 died”
    DEATH looks at him and answers calmly: “I only fetched 100, the sick and old like every week.
    FEAR took the rest”

  2. This why I subscribe to the Epoch Times. $16.80 a month US.
    The only newspaper worth reading.

    t. Not an employee of Epoch Times.

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