Leftist ATTACKS on Trump supporters in all manners: Links 3, October 20, 2020

1. Man arrested in Melbourne Victoria. No idea what for, but the optics are really, really bad.

2. Refreshing OANN clip with Dinesh explaining leftist Alinsky tactics.

3. Pickup with Trump sign fired on by man with shotgun: Maryland police

Maryland man with Biden campaign signs on his yard has been charged with firing a shotgun at two men who honked the horn as they drove past his house in a pickup displaying a large Trump campaign sign.

Baltimore County police said they responded to the incident Saturday afternoon in Kingsville and arrested Douglas Kuhn, 50, on multiple counts of assault. No one was hurt.

Kuhn appeared before a judge Monday and was denied bail, according to Fox 45 Baltimore.

Neal Houk told WJZ-TV that he and his son were the ones in the pickup who honked at Kuhn when they saw him outside putting up a Black Lives Matter sign.

“He reached down,” Houk told the station. “He had a shotgun right there, pulled it out and pointed it right at us. And we were in disbelief. Next thing we heard was a shotgun blast.”

4. New Hampshire homeowners receive threatening letters over Trump 2020 lawn signs

At least two residents who displayed pro-Trump flags and signs on their front lawns in small-town New Hampshire reportedly received letters threatening to burn down their homes if the presidential election did not result in a victory for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The letters were received by one resident in Milford, and another in the nearby town of Brookline, both located in Hillsborough County. 

Capt. Craig Frye, of the Milford police, told Fox News the department referred the case to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the state attorney general’s office, which is conducting an investigation.

A woman who asked to be identified only by her first name, Kelly, showed the letter she received to WMUR.  

5. Grandparents with Pro-Police Flag Targeted in Drive-By Shooting

Grandparents with a pro-police flag in their front yard in Seattle, Washington, were targeted in a drive-by shooting on Friday.

KIRO 7 reports that the grandparents had a “thin blue line American flag” in their yard in support of the Seattle Police Department. They noted that “derogatory” comments had been made toward them over the flag, prior to the shooting.

One of the grandparents said, “About twice a week someone was coming by and saying derogatory remarks saying take it down. I didn’t argue with anybody.”

“BLM” and other graffiti was painted in the front of the grandparents’ home in the lead-up to the shooting as well. In fact, things got testy enough that the grandparents took down their original pro-police flag and replaced it with a smaller one, hoping everyone could be at peace.

Then the drive-by occurred, with nine shots fired and “six of the gunshots [hitting] the home and a vehicle.”

6. Rudi Giuliani: “What I found on Hunter Biden’s laptop”

7. Project Veritas: On how Google plans to try and rig the election against Trump

Thank you ML., M., Oz-Rita, Xanthippa, Richard, Johnny U., Wrath of Khan and MANY more who are redoubling their efforts in these trying times.



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6 Replies to “Leftist ATTACKS on Trump supporters in all manners: Links 3, October 20, 2020”

  1. 2 – Dinesh is right about how and what the left thinks of us, however if we don’t show up at Obama’s house (among others) with warrants and arrest him the left will try the same attacks on the next Republican President.

    He is both right and wrong about the culture, no nation can exist with two competing cultures trying to become the dominate culture. We will have to do as he says create out own cultural centers but at the same time we will have to work to diminish the ability of the leftist dominated culture to influence the US and the world. All of this is going to take time, it took the left over a century to get us into this mess and it will take time to get us out of this mess.

    One reason Dinesh is saying we can’t retake the Universities and Hollywood is that he is thinking (or acting like he is thinking) that the riots are going to play out instead of turning into a full fledged civil war. He is a brilliant man but he is wrong in thinking that there won’t be a civil war, and asymmetric civil war that will last for a decade or two and one that will force the conservatives to fight back using the left’s tactics against them. No nation can survive two competing cultures and value systems fighting to dominate the nation, trying to coexist with the leftist dominated culture constantly attacking us is committing national suicide.

  2. 4. Apart from Communism – blaming you for their own violent reactions if things do not go their way – who else does this?

    The Socialist Keepers of the Peace where there is no peace.

    The fatherless who have been femaled by Submission, Capitulation and Masturbation.

    Man and Woman
    God and Devil

    The dual brain sees reality, and the intimidated into mono brains think they are still dual brains by labeling themselves as Good, and everyone else as Evil. If you do not get in their way, you can live as a dhimmi until your usefulness has gone.

  3. Last video unavailable due to account suspended.

    What was the content? Must have been very inconvenient for YT to scrub it so quickly (I assume that’s what happened..).

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